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Instagram 101 — part 1

On my previous post about the new apps I downloaded for my Galaxy Tab 8.9, I’ve mentioned that I got disappointed on Instagram features and was actually expecting a lot from it. Not to mention again the thought of replacing Camera360 with Instagram was a bad idea.



Just to clarify, this post is not just about Instagram “versus” another camera application or to discourage you to download it. But it’s more like elaborating what it has and what it lacks, and so as its advantages and disadvantages. And since I got Camera360 from the first place, I’ll be doing a bit of comparison for us to know which is the best to download.

Okay, so let’s get started.


Instagram was first exclusively developed for iPhones, and is currently being developed for Blackberry devices and other mobile OS. You might’ve seen lots of iPhone owners synchronizing their social networks with it and posting lots of extravagant images. It was just recently announced that it could be downloaded in Android Market (or now known as Google Play).

On the other hand, Camera360 has been a best friend of Android devices ever since it was developed. Although it wasn’t popular as Instagram, it created dynamic changes on camera effects for Android devices.

Good thing about these applications is that they are both free and ready to be downloaded.

So let’s go now with the features

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For the first-time users of Instagram, it isn’t a camera — just to let you know. And it requires internet connection to edit and post your pictures on the social medias. It’s more like a photo editor that requires your phone’s camera and gallery to grab a pic. It’s like a quick photoshop in short. However, it doesn’t have too much option for photo editing. It only has few choices like these on the picture:


Camera360 does the same. What makes the difference is that you don’t have to have internet connection for you to edit and take pictures. Plus, it has a wide array of effect options like these on the picture.




Sharing is quite quick for Instagram. Once you have already syncronized your social network acounts, it takes only a few clicks to share your fabulous pictures with your friends.


Camera360 has a wider option, however, it can only share your moments with one social network at a time.


For facebook, they both create folders.

Advantage of Instagram here is that it has it’s own website where you can find your posted pictures; almost similar to twitpic. And this is what I like about this app.

Next time, I’ll check the more features of Instagram on Android, this includes the FB and Twitter stuffs like “comment”, “follow”, and “like”.



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