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Andrei’s Galaxy Ace Plus

I bought Galaxy Ace Plus for Andrei a couple of days ago. It was supposed to be my anniversary gift for him. But since I was broke last January due to the lay-off and had lots of financial priorities, it became a super late gift. He understood, though, because he too had stuff to deal with. The original plan was supposed to be a blackberry phone. But I didn’t know what ran into his head that he chose an Android phone. All I knew is that he kept on watching phone reviews on Youtube, which made me a bit paranoid because it was digging my conscience. I was like telling myself “I need to buy him a new phone now! I need to buy him a new phone now!”

But they say, everything comes in a perfect time, hence, the new phone!

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According to the reviews, Galaxy Ace Plus, was released last January 2012 as a successor of Galaxy Ace. It has faster processor and runs Android Gingerbread. It’s still the same as the Galaxy Ace, except the storage and RAM speed became higher, and the back camera was moved at the center and still has the amazing 5.0MP camera – one of its great advantages. Here are some sample shots:

Battery drains a bit fast, but I think it’s normal when you’re a fan of mobile facebook. Even though, I believe Galaxy Ace Plus’ battery life is much longer than that of blackberry 9360, to the fact that it has a larger screen that measures 3.65”. It goes pretty well with games and photo shoot and it’s mobile phone features. Above all, its sophisticated style makes it look much similar to iPhone 3GS.



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