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Is There Something Wrong With This Photo?


Good thing, it’s clear… It was for display only.


Sims on Google play

Count me in to the number of gamers who got addicted to the fun world of Sims. I enjoyed the game a lot especially when it was released in Nintendo DS. I just stopped playing Sims when I became a busy player of Granado Espada and Flyff, both MMORPG’s. However, still, Sims took most of my time because it was irresistably addicting. I even skipped a few meals and my favorite tv series for it.



I just found the game for free when I visited the Google Play Store. The game was released by the same game publisher, Electronic Arts Nederland BV.

Actually, there’s nothing too much to expect from the game, except for the mobile phone experience. It features same cool stuffs like pets, toddlers, jobs, relationship with other Sims and the “Wohoo”. And, new features are only limited to the dress-up closet, children store, dog items and wedding wear.



It is really fun! It requires internet connection, though, to get things running. You may also need more than 1GB storage to fit in the 826MB size of this app.


But I think it’s worth it to download this game app. I haven’t encountered any lag or force close problem on my Galaxy Tab 8.9 so far. You should try it on your device.


Android Apps Perfect For Bored People…like me!

After the reformat, my Galaxy Tab 8.9 still performs well. Well, actually, much even better than before. It gets faster (perhaps because of the upgraded version) and it gets additional feature like the fit-to-screen button for every application.

Recently, I got bored. This leads me to downloading 4 not-so-new apps that are more addicting and helpful for me, which I would like share with you, guys.

First is the 1945 iFighter.

(Click for larger images)

I’m a super fan of this game. My best friend Ryan and I have spent lots of time and money for this game when we were still addicted to Arcade games. Yeah, we love this more than the Street Fighter. And if you guys have Arcade game hang-over, this is the best game for you.

Game control is not a problem. You can choose from joystick, touch and motion controls. It’s up to you where you’re more comfortable. I’m on Mission 8 of hard level so far, and I’m not sure about how many Mission it has.

Cool thing about this game is that it has two jets that you can unlock when you finish the mission.

Click Click Click to read more…


Job Requirements — Hassle!

Looking for a new job is a tough thing to do. But when you get hired, you have to face another series of hardship — that’s collecting the requirements.

Well, I haven’t found a new job yet. It’s just that Andrei has moved to a more established BPO company that’s why he’s required to complete a number of requirements. And when you say “requirements”, expect a large number of people on queue, a very long wait time and tremendous traffic hours. Since most of these offices don’t operate 24 hours, we have to face the fact that we’re going to deal with all these in the morning.

That means, “Hello, Sunshine!”

Good thing, it’s aircon now in some government offices, especially the BIR office in Makati and on Shaw Blvd., and the clinics are located inside the malls. We were able to make use of the free air-conditioner and free-wifi and free water.

The hassle part though was the NBI clearance application. At the Big-R (Robinson’s mall) in Junction, Cainta, Rizal, the freaking queue starts at 3 in the morning. Well, the mall opens at 9 in the morning, but they can only serve up to 400 slots, that’s why people go there early to get the first numbers. If you’re not lucky enough, you could get the last number wherein they could serve you around 5 in the afternoon. If you’re in a hurry, you’re dead.

Later on, we found out that there’s an online application for NBI. But it will be processed in NBI Taft-Manila office, which a bit far from Antipolo.

How? Well, you can click here to direct you to the NBI online application site.


We are now part of the Tribe.

Finally! We’ve finally got internet connection at home, here in Antipolo.

Yesterday, we applied to Wi-Tribe 4G connection, and have it set up at home right away. Everything was very, very quick. And I think it didn’t take 24 hours for us to be connected. Now, I could blog whenever I want and be connected with lots of friends in an instant.

Anyway, we avail the 1mbps promo of wi-tribe, which costs P598 per month only. Half the price compare to what globe and PLDT could offer. And so far so good: speed is okay, connection is okay, uploading and downloading are okay – all is good to the fact that it was raining when everything was being set up and tested. That means, connection is really reliable…I hope.

I will conduct several tests, though, and will get you updated to Wi-Tribe’s services. We’ll see if they really have the balls to fill what they have promised on their advertisements.

But above all, I just want to thank Mang Romeo, who did all the router set ups and guarantees us a good connection! Thank you for being so courteous.


Tabby on Trouble


I didn’t know that my galaxy tab got an issue with its tethering function. I was not sure if it was the signal problem or it was a factory defect, that’s why I had it checked with the Samsung Service Center at SM Megamall. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to diagnose the problem. They had to master reset everything, wherein they deleted all my files, and upgrade the OS version; but it still didn’t do any good.


I suggested to check if it was a network related problem. They inserted a post paid sim, and (thank God!) tethering worked. Therefore, it was a network problem. I decided to check it with Globe telecom, my net provider, but I’m still waiting for their feedback.

Sigh, I didn’t know I would came to this point where I should go bye bye to my apps and precious files when te problem was with the network. If only, I knew…sigh (again)!

But moving forward, I bought Tabby a new leather case, a corporate looking one.

It damages my tab, though.   It freaking leaves stains at the back of Tabby’s white cover, making it look dirty. The gadget cleaners couldn’t remove the stains. I already used a special cloth, but it didn’t remove anything. I guess I have to ask the store, where I bought the case — for sure, you know what will happen there.



Anyway, aside from the tethering and mess up, evrything is still working. Regret is there because of the files I lost but I can’t do anything. At least, I can still type and browse and play and download — that’s more important. I just wish I can something about the stains.


American Idol: Jessica Sanchez

Meanwhile, Filipinos are proud and excited to watch American Idol because another half-blood Filipino made it again on top. Jessica Sanchez luckily made it to top 4 and could possibly win the said prestigous singing competition in the United States. The first half-blood filipino who made it that far was Jasmine Trias, but, unfortunately, she got voted off and was placed 3rd during her season, competing with Fantasia and the others.


Jessica impressed the judges with her wonderful renditions of songs like ‘Love you, I do’ (Jennifer Hudson), ‘I will always love you’ (Whitney Houston), ‘Turn the beat around’ (Gloria Stefan), ‘How will I know?’ (Whitney Houston), ‘Stuttering’ (Jazmin Sullivan), ‘Sweet dreams’ (Beyonce), ‘Fallin’ (Alicia Keys), ‘Dance with my Father’ (Luther Vandross) and ‘Bohemean raphsody’ (Queen), and recently the ‘Proud Mary’ (Tina Turner). She almost got voted off during the top 7 week, but the judges used their save powers so she could remain in the competition.

Jessica Sanchez did not only appear on American Idol, she had also apperances on different competition and some important eventsin the United States. She has already joined America’s Got Talent, but she made only on finals, theoufh wild card. Youtube, on the other hand, was her spotlight if not on stage or TV. She’s got lots of song covers that will surely made you wow. You can check out her beautiful covers of ‘Love on top’ (Beyonce) and ‘Rolling in the deep’ and ‘Someone like you’ (Adele). She also had some collaboration with other Youtube stars and gained several clikcs from the video surfers.

Jessica Sanchez hasn’t been in the Philippines, according to her. But for sure will pay us a visit after this year’s AI season. Well, I’m getting ready for the finals. All my bets are to her, if not, I’d go with Phillips. Either of the two will satisfy my AI mania this year.