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Tabby on Trouble


I didn’t know that my galaxy tab got an issue with its tethering function. I was not sure if it was the signal problem or it was a factory defect, that’s why I had it checked with the Samsung Service Center at SM Megamall. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to diagnose the problem. They had to master reset everything, wherein they deleted all my files, and upgrade the OS version; but it still didn’t do any good.


I suggested to check if it was a network related problem. They inserted a post paid sim, and (thank God!) tethering worked. Therefore, it was a network problem. I decided to check it with Globe telecom, my net provider, but I’m still waiting for their feedback.

Sigh, I didn’t know I would came to this point where I should go bye bye to my apps and precious files when te problem was with the network. If only, I knew…sigh (again)!

But moving forward, I bought Tabby a new leather case, a corporate looking one.

It damages my tab, though.   It freaking leaves stains at the back of Tabby’s white cover, making it look dirty. The gadget cleaners couldn’t remove the stains. I already used a special cloth, but it didn’t remove anything. I guess I have to ask the store, where I bought the case — for sure, you know what will happen there.



Anyway, aside from the tethering and mess up, evrything is still working. Regret is there because of the files I lost but I can’t do anything. At least, I can still type and browse and play and download — that’s more important. I just wish I can something about the stains.



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