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Job Requirements — Hassle!

Looking for a new job is a tough thing to do. But when you get hired, you have to face another series of hardship — that’s collecting the requirements.

Well, I haven’t found a new job yet. It’s just that Andrei has moved to a more established BPO company that’s why he’s required to complete a number of requirements. And when you say “requirements”, expect a large number of people on queue, a very long wait time and tremendous traffic hours. Since most of these offices don’t operate 24 hours, we have to face the fact that we’re going to deal with all these in the morning.

That means, “Hello, Sunshine!”

Good thing, it’s aircon now in some government offices, especially the BIR office in Makati and on Shaw Blvd., and the clinics are located inside the malls. We were able to make use of the free air-conditioner and free-wifi and free water.

The hassle part though was the NBI clearance application. At the Big-R (Robinson’s mall) in Junction, Cainta, Rizal, the freaking queue starts at 3 in the morning. Well, the mall opens at 9 in the morning, but they can only serve up to 400 slots, that’s why people go there early to get the first numbers. If you’re not lucky enough, you could get the last number wherein they could serve you around 5 in the afternoon. If you’re in a hurry, you’re dead.

Later on, we found out that there’s an online application for NBI. But it will be processed in NBI Taft-Manila office, which a bit far from Antipolo.

How? Well, you can click here to direct you to the NBI online application site.



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