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Android Apps Perfect For Bored People…like me!

After the reformat, my Galaxy Tab 8.9 still performs well. Well, actually, much even better than before. It gets faster (perhaps because of the upgraded version) and it gets additional feature like the fit-to-screen button for every application.

Recently, I got bored. This leads me to downloading 4 not-so-new apps that are more addicting and helpful for me, which I would like share with you, guys.

First is the 1945 iFighter.

(Click for larger images)

I’m a super fan of this game. My best friend Ryan and I have spent lots of time and money for this game when we were still addicted to Arcade games. Yeah, we love this more than the Street Fighter. And if you guys have Arcade game hang-over, this is the best game for you.

Game control is not a problem. You can choose from joystick, touch and motion controls. It’s up to you where you’re more comfortable. I’m on Mission 8 of hard level so far, and I’m not sure about how many Mission it has.

Cool thing about this game is that it has two jets that you can unlock when you finish the mission.

Click Click Click to read more…

Next is the Triple Town.

This a brain-busting game I’ve ever play so far. You would think that it is an easy game. But when you actually play, it’s very challenging.

From the title itself “triple town”, the game mechanics is actually to group a set of items into 3 to build something that you can also group into 3 as well. The process repeats itself until you reach the high score. The game look boring for others, I know, but you’d see yourself purchasing the unlimited turns once you start playing this.

Another app that kills time is the Bubble Shoot.

This game started also in arcade way back when Puzzle bubble is still in the blood stream of the gamers. It’s just different right now because there are more challenges and it’s in touch screen mode. There are two worlds to unlock on the Puzzle mode, but each world has several levels to complete. Add to that the Arcade mode, which has also lots of levels and crazy puzzles.

Lastly, this one helps a lot, the TubeMate.

It’s not in the Android market, and not also in the Samsung Apps. But it’s free to download on this site: click here.

What it does is that, you can watch and download your favourite YouTube video in just a tap on your touch screen and choose the quality you want. Just like these ones…


There’s no need for Video converters or downloaders or whatsoever.

 Hope you enjoy!

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO …let me know your feedbacks.


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