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Sims on Google play

Count me in to the number of gamers who got addicted to the fun world of Sims. I enjoyed the game a lot especially when it was released in Nintendo DS. I just stopped playing Sims when I became a busy player of Granado Espada and Flyff, both MMORPG’s. However, still, Sims took most of my time because it was irresistably addicting. I even skipped a few meals and my favorite tv series for it.



I just found the game for free when I visited the Google Play Store. The game was released by the same game publisher, Electronic Arts Nederland BV.

Actually, there’s nothing too much to expect from the game, except for the mobile phone experience. It features same cool stuffs like pets, toddlers, jobs, relationship with other Sims and the “Wohoo”. And, new features are only limited to the dress-up closet, children store, dog items and wedding wear.



It is really fun! It requires internet connection, though, to get things running. You may also need more than 1GB storage to fit in the 826MB size of this app.


But I think it’s worth it to download this game app. I haven’t encountered any lag or force close problem on my Galaxy Tab 8.9 so far. You should try it on your device.



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