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PNR Experience

I went back to Tondo to get some important documents and spent 2 days there just to bond again with my sibs and parents. I needed also talk to them about my plans since I’m partially moving on now to a new company after there was an incident happened to the old one. Good thing, my Dad was very organized with our stuffs and I found my docs all together in a folder, therefore, I didn’t have any troubles in finding them.

And on Friday morning, schedule of my medical examination, I went to Makati via Philippine National Railways (PNR) with my little sister. She works in a bank in Makati, so we just went to the city together. The first train station was just located in Tutuban Mall, a jeep ride away from where we live and a couple of blocks from where my Mom and Dad do aerobics. But since we came in too early, we dropped by to Mom and Dad first and watch them.



So there they are…


After a few minutes, we went to the entrance of the train station and paid the ticket. Surprisingly, it was 8 pesos only. Not expensive compare to the Taft Ave. route going to Makati, which will cost you a total of 31 pesos (that’s via jeep and LRT). Plus, queue was not that hassle, therefore, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a seat to the fact that it was already rush hour. I took some pics with my sis while inside the train and while waiting for the other pasengers to fill the vacant seats. It departed at exactly 7am as scheduled.




Surprisingly again, it only took us 30 minutes to get to Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Not totally bad. I just wished I discovered this route when I was still going home in Tondo, because I used to spend 1 hour and 30 minutes on road to get from home to the office every rush hour. Hehehe! Anyways, so far I had fun with the experience with PNR. You should try it sometimes when you drop by in Manila.



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