Lyrics and Poetry

Make fun of other people = BAD. Make fun of yourself = Indeed, FUN.

I did this old “Ejomlexus blogspot” reminiscing moment last night since I could not get myself a sleep for some reason. It wasn’t my intention at all to re-read my previous blog site. It’s just that I could not think of any website to open to get myself into sleep, that’s why I ended up checking my blogspot posts.

A few minutes after I opened my old blog, I found myself giggling about my crappy English and some old pictures. To give you an overview, here are the things I found. (Just a reminder, though: I won’t post the links anymore, just seach it if you can. Hehehe!)

So here we go…

These photos were taken last 2009 Christmas Party at my previous company. This was our group presentation. Mama Rea, Rachel, Toto, Ruel and I played the casts of Dreamgirls. For those curious, prepare yourself, here’s the complete video:



And this is me before the presentation. I played as “Melo” of Deathnote. I didn’t win the best contest, obviously. But we won the best group performance.

Click click click to read more…

Furthermore, for those who didn’t know, I had long and rebonded hair before, but not that long. Here was yours truly during EMO days.

And since I blog everything under the sun, I even write something about how I eat popcorns.

And of course, just like what I’ve mentioned on my recent post, I’ve worn shutter shades most of the time, a couple of years ago. Below was taken inside the elevator of our old office building.

Not to mention, I even also blog this old school photo from my high school year book. (Sigh….The era of innocence.)

Moving forward, I’m glad that not all of my pictures were funny (actually). There were some posts that left me proud of myself. Check these last two pictures:

Even with crappy English, I got promoted. I lasted in the post for a year, after that I transferred to the Marketing department. I wish I could experience it in my job.

Anyway,I look happy here…

…with the boots, of course. It wasn’t look like fashion-fail at all, but I definitely miss my boots. I got to buy another pair.

Gratefully, after seeing all these, I could say that I have improved…even just a bit. I will surely do this reminiscing again, here in this blog.



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