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Fashion Accessory Store: The Pink Empress (Part 2 of 2)

Pink Empress continues…

Nath wasn’t answering my calls yesterday, but she replied to me through a single text while I was sleeping. She said that she’s already gotten the package from Pink Empress through LBC. She even sent me her photos wearing it.

Check this out…

As usual, she’s bought the girly fashion colours — light blue and pink — that she always wears everyday.  But anyways, it looks exactly as advertised on their facebook page.

It costs only Php 150.00(US$3.59 est.) for 3 pairs, and Php 60.00 (US$1.43 est.) each. Click here to see the page.

And these…

I think this is what she ordered. Click here to see the page.

I like this one more — it’s more elegant — and it costs only Php 120.00 (US$2.87).

I gave Nath a call a few minutes ago and she told me that the store owner was very courteous as she didn’t need to text her for follow ups, and the store was really contactable through the number they provided on their Facebook page.

She didn’t ask if Pink Empress accepts bulk orders, but I’m planning to give the owner a call and ask.

By the way, I took a screen shot of everything she sells on our site. Click the link below to continue reading.



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