Lyrics and Poetry


I have had a change of plan this week. I’ve decided to stay at home and just spend my rest day with my Hubb. Well, we were supposed to go to a friend’s house but I didn’t feel like pushing the plan because I just came from my shift – graveyard – and I needed some rest.

This day was full of gray moments – not so happy, not so sad – enough for me to say that it was just neutral. It was like there was nothing so special happening. And since this gray day affects my mood, it affects my fashion taste as well.

Shirt. Bag, Shoes. Undies (picture not included)

I didn’t plan to wear it. I just pulled what attracts me in my closet and racks, and just wear it. I just noticed I was wearing everything gray when my colleague told me so. Now, I, therefore, believe that mood reflects to your everyday wear; vice versa.

What makes me gray, anyway?

I don’t have an idea, to be honest. It seems that everything rhymes to fashion these days, even though I have limited choices inside my super confined wardrobe. One time, I’ve worn all stripes; the following day, I’ve worn something light and relaxed. I just thank God dots don’t attract me so far.

Anyway, to end my day right, I need to get rid of this dull moment, that’s why I write and I do what I love and eat more doughnuts. I’m still not in the mood to go somewhere else, though.

T-shirt: Folded and Hung. Bag: Human. Shoes: Somewhere there.



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