Lyrics and Poetry

The Corner…

There’s a moment in your life
Where you just want to be in the corner.
Sometimes, you are curious about;
Sometimes, you don’t know to why.

Not all the truth are in the center.
They lay right beside the corner
Because people are meant to look for it,
People have to crave and die for it.

In the corner, there’s always a space,
Since all people want to be at the center.
Corners are sad and filled with fears,
And most of time, leads you to sophocate.

Corners are for two kinds of people:
For people who want to be alone, and
For people who want everybody’s attention.
Either of those, they make corners look bad.

Corner is where to subjects meet.
Example: two walls, two streets and two people.
It’s not a trap nor it’s the end, but
It’s gives us route or connection to something.

If you’ve been caught in the corner,
Turn around because the other side is widely open.
It tells us never surrender.
It tells us to wonder.

For me, that’s a corner.


2 responses

  1. nice. astig talaga mga poems mo pards 🙂

    22/08/2012 at 10:24 PM

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