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English is important to me. Obviously, I use it as the medium language of Ejomlexus blog. I barely post things in Filipino here because my target audiences are the ones who speak and read and understand the common English, that’s why I keep on studying the rules of writing and everything about English to make this blog easier to dig in.

One of the tools I’m using to improve my writing skills is this book I’ve got from my recent company training. It’s William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s The Elements of Style (4th edition). The book contains rich and effective English writing elements that would really enhance your writing, for example: the correct usage of apostrophe “s” and the “;” semicolon; the simplification of the sentences; the relationship of independent and dependent clauses; and many more.

The rules in the book are more understandable and more feasible to follow for those who want to start a writing habit; hence, it’s very enlightening for me. It’s a must read for bloggers, writers and students. In fact, in my job, the elements in this book are the basis of our grammar and composition quality. If you missed a rule, then you go to jail get low scores; therefore, it must be strictly followed.

I’ve already read the book twice and tried to apply elements, but I don’t why I still have the same old writing skills. Perhaps, I need more time to inculcate it in my skull and in my heart in order for me to say that I’ve improved. I’m doing my best, though.

I’m not pretty sure if this is still available in the bookstores here in the Philippines, but you can buy a soft copy of it in Amazon…or just let me know; let see if I can lend you a copy.



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  1. They said it takes 28 days to form a habit. Mmmm, we need to be patient in unlearning, relearning and learning new things!

    30/07/2012 at 1:16 PM

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