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A Week-Long Rain and Flood

We’ve just survived a week-long rain — not typhoon — and flood. Office operations and school classes have been suspended and dismissed, and most of us were stranded in the middle of the streets and rushing waters.

I consider myself lucky because both of my families were safe – Andrei’s family members were safe and sound here in Antipolo and my family in Tondo, although flood went inside our house as per my sister, they were still safe. As for me, our office operation is 24/7 so I attempted to go to the office a couple of times but eventually failed. Flood was along the way at Brookside going to Junction, Cainta, Rizal.



Jeeps and buses have backed out leaving me no choice but to go back home. Luckily, my boss allowed me to work from home, and I ended up doing that for 3 days.

Everything slightly went well on Friday morning when Mr. Sun has finally shown up. Rain fell down in the evening, though, leaving the Ortigas ext. flooded again – it subsided quickly when the rain stopped. I was stranded for four hours of traffic.

Right now, the sun is up and it is asking me to jog around the Ynarez center. But I won’t do that because I have a party to catch later. I just hope it won’t rain that hard again.

And, I hope everyone is safe.



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