Lyrics and Poetry

Someone Who Never Say ‘I Love You’

I met someone who denies his heart
And he thinks I don’t deserve his love.
He feels everything for me,
but has never said enough.

He loves to see me smiling,
Yet he never admit it with his mouth.
Instead, he touch me with hands
And tells me he needs me so much.

Why there are people like you?
Someone who never say ‘I Love You’.
Even though you feel it
Deep inside you still hide it.
Why are there people like you?

Sometimes it’s better off like this,
‘Cause when I ask you it keeps weak.
I wonder why you’re so afraid to tell.
Don’t you know those words would break the spell?

I’m waiting, please tell me.
It’s just that I’m excited to fall again.
Those words, even though I feel them,
It becomes meaningful when I hear them.

So tell me, or will I just keep wondering?
That in someway there’s something.
Because I’m always thinking
Why are there people like you…
…who never say ‘I Love You’.


I wrote this because I’m really inspired with the book 50 Shades. Also, I’ve experienced it myself.


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