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Juan At Your Service

IPhone 5 has already been released in the world market, but I still don’t see any large networks here in the Philippines offer subscription plans for the much awaiting phone. I’m pretty much excited because I’m planning to grab my very first iPhone product in the future, and while waiting I search for sites that sell iPhone accessories.

Anyways, speaking of mobile phones, are you looking for an online store that offers a wide array of exquisite, elegant and adorable designs of iPhone accessories?

Well, coming soon in my blog is a store that you’ll definitely love, not just for iPhone stuff, but also for a large selection of unique products and amazing services. It is ‘Juan At Your Service!’

Juan At Your Service is a new yet a very trusted site that sells mobile phone-related products such as fashionable and protective cases, affordable and high quality gadget accessories, SD cards, Bluetooth connectors, and more.

Not only that, they also offer unique ideas and services for parties and events; in-demand styles of fashion wear for men and women; and photography services.

I invite you all to visit on October 10, 2012 and see more products that will bring your online shopping experience to a new edge.



Your Fear of Losing Me

I hate to see you on your knees
Please stand up and wipe your tears.
I don’t want to see you crying;
I want you to know, I’m not leaving.

Don’t be afraid, my love,
I love you from the very start.
Take away the fears, baby,
Take away Your Fear of Losing Me.

I’ve never done this mistake;
I never plan to have this at stake.
I love you more than you know;
I don’t find a reason to let you go.

To be with you is what I promised.
That’s something you can hold on.
So, take away the fears, baby,
Take away Your Fear of Losing Me.

What I said is true
Because at the end, it’s me and you.
Let go of your worries
And allow me to prove it to you.



After reading chapter 15 of 50 shades darker, I come up with this poem.


Hair Tattoo: Larger Design

I had a need to change my hairstyle every time I visit my favourite salon, Bench Fix Salon – SM San Lazaro, in a monthly basis. I always want to look weird unique once I step out of that salon.

This time I’ve got a style with different and much beautiful patterns. Check it out!


I could say that this is the most beautiful haircut I’ve ever had in my life. Never did I dare myself to get a costly and very radical haircut that might end up giving me forever damage to my hair, but thank God I’ve got a great hairstylist and he really took care of my crown.

The process was a cutting and curving was a little bit slow. It took us almost an hour to perfect the shape, that’s why you’ll see marker traces in one of my pictures above. To tell you honestly, though, the whole thing is not original. This was inspired to the picture I searched on Facebook a month ago. My hairstylist just gave it a new twist, making it fit for the size my head and previous style of my hair.

To get this hairstyle, look for Arnold Macapagal at SM San Lazaro, Bench Fix Salon.


Your Love by Alamid (My Cover)

One of my frustrations is to sing, but I’m not really good at it although I sing as back up in our church.

In this video, Hubb and I were just having a quality time together. I decided to record this song because I’m very much comfortable singing it – even though I messed up with the last notes of the song. Also, “Your Love” is the song I dedicate to the people close to me. Check it out:

I did my best. Hahaha! I hope you like it.