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Your Fear of Losing Me

I hate to see you on your knees
Please stand up and wipe your tears.
I don’t want to see you crying;
I want you to know, I’m not leaving.

Don’t be afraid, my love,
I love you from the very start.
Take away the fears, baby,
Take away Your Fear of Losing Me.

I’ve never done this mistake;
I never plan to have this at stake.
I love you more than you know;
I don’t find a reason to let you go.

To be with you is what I promised.
That’s something you can hold on.
So, take away the fears, baby,
Take away Your Fear of Losing Me.

What I said is true
Because at the end, it’s me and you.
Let go of your worries
And allow me to prove it to you.



After reading chapter 15 of 50 shades darker, I come up with this poem.



2 responses

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    • Blackberry had been the witness of CG-Ana steele love story more than anything else, it deserved to be their symbol.

      21/11/2012 at 6:58 PM

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