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My Samsung Galaxy S3

I haven’t seen ICS OS from any Android devices yet, that’s why I’m quite amaze with the features I’ve seen in my new Samsung Galaxy S3.

First, it works very well with my current subscription with Smart Telecommunication. Truly, its speed is faster and very competitive with other existing smart mobile phone, including iPhone 4S and 5. I tested the speed and here are the results:

Next feature I love is its awesome video preview. I believe it takes a large RAM to get this thing working fast; Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t disappoint me on that. I just don’t like it when it’s showing the “private” videos, so be careful with other people borrowing your phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is also jam-packed with an FM radio. It’s not, however, working if the headset is not plugged in perhaps because of health reasons. It has auto scan for local channels, the quality of the sound is also impressive and gets amazing signal even if you’re in the mountain. Most important, it doesn’t need internet connection to use the radio.

Meanwhile, the navigation option in this smart phone is very cool. Aside from the Wi-Fi option, it has the mobile internet switch as well. Therefore, there’s no need to go to the settings>network settings to turn it off. Also, you can swipe away the updates from the notification bar if you don’t want to clear them. And from the latest OS update, I’m now able to adjust the screen brightness or set it on auto with the brightness bar. Unfortunately, the flight mode switch is no longer available in this portion but they replaced it with the driving mode switch that gives you safety settings by turning it on while you’re driving – which is I don’t need so far.

Task bar is also available for this phone by holding the home key for a few second. There, you’ll find the Task manager option where you can close active files, monitor memory usage and see battery advisory.

The most fantastic feature I see in this option is the Motion option. Here, you’ll see all the smartness your Galaxy S3 can do. Right now, I’m enjoying the ‘Tap to Top’ and ‘Direct Call’ features. Although a mini tutorial is available in this option, I’m still checking everything one by one to see how it really works and when to use it.

So far, I like everything about S3, except for its batter life. Yeah, it drains battery life pretty fast, especially when you’re doing task like downloading while browsing the net or watching HD videos.  I guess the Super AMOLED screen has something to do with this. It made me think that I got to buy a backup battery, in case of emergency.

Next, time I will show you more of the Motion option to see how you can use it in your everyday life. See you!!!



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