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Christmas Shopping Rush in Divisoria: Tips, Risk and Best Shopping Spots

Admit it! Christmas is not only time for giving. It’s also time for spending money to buy a lot of stuff. And if you’re one of the people who gives rather than accept, then you might be also one of those thinking whether you will buy online or go to the shopping den.

Last minute Christmas shopping is inevitable, especially if you’re preoccupied by work or some stuff during pre-holidays week. Where is the best place to go shopping?

Right now, Divisoria, Manila is fully-loaded with people who are looking for the most affordable stuff. Divisoria is the common place where you can find and buy everything – food, fashion stuff, toys, home décor, outdoor goods, gadgets and etc – at low price you can’t imagine. However, this place is kind of risky because it is very crowded, as in once you visit that place make sure you are prepared to “literally” rub elbows with tons of people, and make sure your belongings are well-secured.

I grew near from Divisoria, so I shop there a lot. I just want to give you a few tips for you to know where to go and what to do first.

Number one shopping rule is to get a list of the items you need to buy. Don’t forget a thing. Once you’re done shopping in Divisoria, you’ll swear never to come back until the end of this season. Of course, not because of bad incident but it will drain your energy a lot. So, again, make sure you write everything in your list. And, make use it’s on a paper – not in your tab or smart phone (I’ll discuss it later).

Secondly, Divisoria has few parking spaces. Most of the streets are occupied by flocks of people and stores. If you’ll bring a ride, don’t expect you’ll be able to move. So better commute and maximize your walking ability. Don’t wear high heels, please.

Thirdly, don’t wear eye-catching accessories, bling-blings and even bring smart gadgets. These things are bad elements magnet. You don’t want to end up in the police station reporting stolen or missing belongings. If you can’t get rid of it though, make sure you keep it in your bag or pockets.

When it comes to your cash, make sure you have purse, ready to pull those riches. Spread your cash are spread all over your body – pockets, wallet, purse and, seriously, in your bras – in this way, if anything happens, you’ll have a back up. Better prepared than sorry. Also, withdraw your cash ahead of time because most of the ATM’s in this season are either box office hit or temporarily out of service.

Fourth, know the place where you’re going. These are the shopping malls that you can visit in the Divisoria Business District:

Tutuban – large space, there’s a few store available (since some parts are burnt), but there are organized, great finds here so you’ll know where to go if you need a particular item. There’s also midnight shopping that’s open from mall closing hours until 1am. During the last minute Christmas shopping, they extend their mall hours.

168 – If you’re claustrophobic, it’s not advisable to go here. But if you’re ready for a real great finds, this is the best spot that I would recommend. 168 never fail me so far. This is where I buy Christmas gifts and Secret-santa things.

999 – It looks more like 168, but it has wider “Paseo’s”. Mall’s air-condition works pretty well, so it’s more comfortable than Tutuban and 168. When I get here, I always get confused with exits and entrance and the

Lucky China Town Mall – You could never imagine that there’s a mall in Divisoria that has stores like Mango and popular and expensive. Well, I’m not talking about the unauthentic product, this is for real. If you want branded products, you can find it here. To tell you, the mall looks every similar to Eastwood City, QC. Starbucks and French Baker are also here, so you won’t get hungry.

Fifth, it’s always advisable to bring friends with you – 2 to 3, but not the whole gang – not because you’ll ask them to bring your shopping bags but it’s better if you’ll get second opinion from them when buying.

Lastly, try to watch “How to survive crowd stampede” on Youtube so you know what to do if anything happens in crowded place like Divisoria. Again, better prepaid.



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