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Ms. Universe 2012 — Ms. USA!


3 days ago, Ms. USA Olivia Culpo was crowned as the Ms. Universe 2012. I could not still move on, so as many Filipinos. Of course, in our hearts and minds, our very own Ms. Philippines Janine Tugonon should have won the title, because not only she answered the question gracefully but she just really deserve the title.


Different reactions came across our houses and offices as we stayed tune via all means – Facebook, livestream, text messages and Twitter. At the end of the day, we were all in silence. Actually, I treated myself for an ice cream just to coup up the frustration and the disappointment. But things has already happened, according to the Pinay beauty queen, it was the judges decision and we should accept it.

Janine Tugonon has competed with 89 other hopefuls.

She was called from Top 16 with the following candidates:

1. Venezuela

2. Turkey

3. France

4. Peru

5. Russia

6. Mexico

7. Poland

8. Hungary

9. South Africa







And, Top 10 with the following girls:

1. Australia

2. Russia

3. Brazil

4. France

5. Venezuela

6. USA

7. Hungary

8. South Africa

9. Mexico

10. Philippines

Ms. Philippines was the only Asian who made to the top 10 and got the title next to the Ms. Universe in this year’s competition. Despite of not bring home the crown, Filipinos and fans are still proud of her. In fact, she will be awarded with recognition in her hometown in Bataan, Philippines as soon as she arrives.

For me, everyone in the competition deserves to win, because that’s their purpose of being there. But we cannot remove the fact that people, rather than the judges, know the best. In Ms. Universe pageant, it just proven that Filipinos are already back on track to prove that we deserve to be recognized, not just with our beauty and talents, but also for what we are – the best among the rest.

We still hope for the crown next time, for sure our candidate will give their best shot.



Images are not mine. Follow these links for the source:

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