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Battery Problems on Smartphones


If you’re a smartphone user and hardcore fan of mobile application and internet, then you probably always have your portable phone chargers everywhere you go, ready to plug-in when needed because you’re phone battery drains so fast, it couldn’t even last a day.

I’m having the same problem. My day never ends without plugging my phone’s charger either on my computer or the nearest electric outlet. Sometimes, I wanted to buy a solar-powered charger just to make my charging on the go but it doesn’t just make sense.

I tried to find ways, of course. And to stretch the battery life, for example in my Samsung Galaxy S3, I usually do these routines that I learned from my daily activities:

Change the Flashy Wallpapers

I admit! I’m a fan of moving wallpapers for both home and lock screens. This, however, is eating most of your smartphones power either you’re just idle or navigating your phone. Plus, it consumes phone’s RAM, therefore, it is really one of the reason why your phone multitasks a lot and drains power.


My advice: Just pick a better, simpler and not moving wallpapers, or just use someone’s picture who inspire you. The less bright-colored, the more it saves battery. You may use the stored photos or wallpapers of your phone and switch it every now and then so you won’t get bored.

Switch to Airplane Mode

I hate turning off my phone. I feel like I’d miss a lot from life when I do that. If, however, you don’t have expecting text, email or calls but you want to keep your phone active, then you can switch your phone to Airlplane mode.

Airplane lessen the task of your phone by keeping your signal off. Meaning, no connectivity, no data, no signal. It gives you more time to enjoy other phone feature and it extends battery life without turning it off. It’s good when you’re in places where mobile phones are not allowed — churches, theater, cinemas and, sometimes, office.

Off: Data, Wi-Fi, GPS, Push E-mail and Hotspot

If cellphone signal is important to you, like if you’re a busy person waiting for someone’s call and text, then simply turn off your phone’s internet/network connectivity, because no matter what review site you choose to read or watch it would tell you that this is a big factor in your battery life.

There’s no harm on switching these things on when you only need it and off after using.

Close the unnecessary apps and widgets.

As I’ve mentioned, the more your phone multitask, the faster the battery goes to 0%. It is better to close the apps that you’re not using.


Some apps stop by closing it properly. Close apps by hitting the back key many times, until it reaches the home screen, instead of the home button. You can also clear your phone activities by using the task manager.

Moreover, I see some phone with redundant home screen widgets: Large animated clocks, boxes that requires internet connectivity and other moving stuff. My advice: make use of the app menu. Remove such widgets from your home screen to make it more simple.

Dim the lights…err…brightness!


If you’re an indoor type of person, then this could be helpful. Simply reducing your phone brightness can save a lot of battery power for you. If you’ll go outside, set it to Auto, so your phone itself could adjust the right amount of brightness. If, however, you can survive dimmed phone even if you’re  in outdoors then it’s better.

Consider texting than calling.


Calling is hungry for battery power as well. If things are easier when it’s written, say it in text. It’s cheaper and more advisable for sharing a short thought, and it doesn’t consume battery that much.

Plug it in your ears.

If you are watching a movie or listening to mp3, plug the pair of your music world, the headphones, because loudspeakers could actually drain a large portion in your battery as well. Earphones could actually minimize the consumption.


If you think these still don’t work…

…perhaps, you should try changing your smartphone to its LTE version. As per Yahoo! news: Next-generation LTE chips to reduce power consumption by 50%. Power users who love everything “on” in their smartphone could benefit in the LTE because it’s connection speed is more reliable than the present connections. If you’re here in the Philippines, large telecom companies are already preparing for this new signal technology that is used from 1st world countries.

If you still think it won’t work for you…

…better bring your charger with you. I’m very thankful these days because charging is more convenient. Its chords are now USB compatible, unlike before. Therefore, you can plug it anything that has USB plug.

Back-up batteries will also do, except it’s hassle of removing the back covers.


Or, you could also try the using external batteries like this one from Juan At Your Service.

It charges 100% of your phone battery on-the-go and serves as protection from damages for your phone.

But you know, battery consumption really depends how users use their smartphones. If your phone doesn’t have a battery percentage icon, I would suggest that you download an app that tell you how many battery percentage is  already left. Hence, you can manage your battery usage.




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