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Jellybean Got Updated plus Google Play Apps

I was playing the new Google Play apps when I received an update notification from my phone, and I’m pretty excited to let you guys know something about the Android Jellybean v4.1.2 and how it will improve your smartphone experience particularly with your Samsung Galaxy S III.

What has been added? Well, to find out I tried to look as many things as I could. I went to different parts of my smartphone‘s menu to discover what does this Jellybean v4.1.2 bring . Let’s see…

First thing I noticed though is that the new version added more option in the notification board. It can be now customized, re-organized and allows you to choose only the features you want to see. You can find it’s option under Settings>Display>Notification Panel.

Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (3) Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (4)

They also added a new feature which is called the multi-window bar. You will see it in the left portion of the screen and ut displays apps shortcut, which makes navigation easier, home button friendly and more easy to customize. I find it more useful than the EasyTouch App. But the cool thing it can do is that it can open 2 windows at the same time. All you have to do is that drag the chosen app to the screen and whoala! In the picture, I opened both my FB and Twitter account at the same time. Cool, isn’t it? Well, that’s why they call it the multi-window bar — it is design for multi-tasking for a very smart phone like the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (5) Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (6) Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (7)

Another cool feature added is the smart rotation. It requires face recognition and the auto-rotation ‘ON’ in order for it to work, because it determines the orientation of your face and movement. It’s great for those who loves to read or watch videos while you’re lying down.

Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (8)

Furthermore, it added cool stuff for your phone’s gallery. First, the view where you can choose from Spiral, folder view and Starwars look-like photo selection (I don’t know what to call it).

Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (10) Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (11) Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (12)

And second the photo tagging. It’s not the usual Facebook photo tagging. This new feature allows your phone to recognize the people in your contacts. It also reminds you the weather condition when a certain photo was taken — just sync it with accuweather — the dates and your current location.

Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (13)Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (2)

Another thing I found out is the “Page Buddy” which allows your phone to create addition slide or page in your home screen once you connected it to a headphone or dock.

Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (14)

And finally, Jellybean 4.1.2 added application like “Paper Artist” which is good for your instagram habit and Group Cast that allows you to view photos/file or listen to music together via wifi connection.

Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (15)Ejomlexus_Android_Jellybean (1)

Despite of these newly added features, it doesn’t not affect the fluidity of the Samsung Galaxy S III navigation. It’s very nice! It gives the multi-tasking feature a shot, and I really like it. It’s almost like having Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at the same time, only with the absence of the S pen and the larger display.

By the way, all these upgrades available now in the Philippines.



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  1. this is a great application. thanks for the information. i’m going to try it to my phone. Yahweh bless. ralph of trunk locker.

    15/02/2013 at 7:14 PM

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