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Choosing a Network for Data Plan Here in the Philippines?

Ever since I’ve got my very first prepaid cellphone (a large Nokia with a very large battery — which I forgot the unit name) I was very observant when it comes to the signal of the network I chose. I was able to compare it because Papa, Mama and I were using different networks. Papa was Smart, then Mama and I were Globe, and sometimes we switch. I was able to experience also having both sim card at the same time when Nokia 3310i came — Papa bought a special cover with two sim card slots and you just have to press the keys *3370# (if I’m not mistaken) to switch sim cards and restart the phone. I’ve also experienced being a customer of Sun cellular when I started dating people, because it’s cheaper and it’s the first network who introduces the unlimited calls and half-cost per text charging for prepaid. The longest running sim card I had — which I still have today on my generic Samsung phone — is Globe.

Right now, I’m connected with both Globe and Smart through data plans. And to give you a quick review here’s some points that might help you decide to choose.

But first, before I start, I just wanna make it clear that I’m talking about plans here, particularly data plan. Not the prepaid a$$es who eat a lot of load because of mobile internet. These are based on experience, usage and location.

Okay. Here we go!


If you are earning above the minimum wage rate, you are closer to getting a plan from a network, but application and approval maybe tough if you’re trying to get plans worth Php1500 and up. If you are one of the lucky ones, however, getting this is easy, except if you’re under a BPO type of industry.

Unfortunately, I’m one of the BPO dudes. With all the requirements, certification and all the means I have in the world to prove that I’m capable of paying my bills, Globe required me to have a credit card. And since I don’t have credit cards and they want to get more clients, luckily, I still got approved. It took them two weeks though to process my application. While with Smart, I applied with the same requirement and tomorrow after they called me to claim the phone.

When it comes to customer service, Smart gets an outstanding points and Globe still suck with that. I hated smart, but I guess they have different ways on treating prepaid and post-paid customers. I kind of love their promptness in their answers. I will give kudos to Globe though because when I called them about the additional features for their plan, they gave what I supposed to have for the month.

And speaking of plus, Globe has it all – free texts, calls and overseas. Smart is just solid when it comes with the number of free text and calls — they know their roles on giving these things inclusives on time — I just wished they have more promos.


Due to the few free calls and text inclusives of Smart Telecommunications, I tend not to use it often for regular calls and texts. But who the hell cares, by the way, when you have data plan which allows you to access free VOIP like Skype, Viber and not to mention Chikka. But you need to have enough data credits to use these common applications.

And speaking of Data, Smart has 1.5 GB limit per monthly cut-off, while Globe has around 700-800 MB. When you consume all these data, either via browsing, streaming and downloading, your internet speed will go down to unbelievable and head-popping less than 300 kbps. Thanks to the fair usage that implemented this kind of thing for broadband and data plan users. But Globe’s limit is low, they should increase more than that since people download lot’s of stuff these days.


Well, what I am referring to hear is the internet speed of the data plan based location. I usually go around Manila, Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong and Antipolo. And I would give the crown to Smart for providing me speed that sometimes breaks the limit of my expectation. Globe is giving around 1-2 mbps  on the said locations while Smart gives 3-5 mbps in average. And since I need to check emails all the time and stay tune for concerns via chat, and also to stay online with my friends on my social networking account, I need faster internet for better response.

All-in-all, I could still say that this guys are doing a great fight. Although Smart is better for me when it comes to data plan, Globe won’t go home with teary-eyes because I love their free stuff a lot better than Smart.