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Our Life with Smartphones

Mobile phones have changed the life of everybody of this generation. Whether  student or an office guy, a housekeeper or owner of the house, or a simple businessman or an extravagant CEO — they admit it! — they cannot live without a smartphone in-hand.

Personally, I love my smartphone a lot – a Samsung Galaxy SIII. It keeps me connected whenever, wherever I go — office, home and, of course, with the outside world. I use it for gaming, recreation, sending text messages and email, calling and (like right now) for blogging. For me, it’s very useful and I’m satisfied its speed and features.

But what smartphones do right now? How does it create impact in everything we do? And, how does it change our way of living?

I can give you 6 reasons.

1. Collaborations made-easy

It’s the first thing that pops out in mind because I exchange thoughts almost with everyone, everyday. Most likely, I use group conversation to discuss everything under the sun with my friends and colleagues. Sometimes, I could not find an excuse to skip meetings because connectivity is no longer a problem because of mobile data plans and the ready-to-download VoIP application. All you have to do is to apply for a plan, and pick and download your preferred application (Gtalk, YM, Viber, Skype, etc.) or tap on your built-ins (BBM, Chat-on, etc.), connect to the internet and you are all set.

Smartphones has been useful to connect people with all types of businesses around the globe.

2. Knowledge on-the-go

“Power of sun in the palm of your hands” is one of the powerful quotes in the Marvel movie “Spiderman” that, for me, describes smartphones of these days since the accessibility of most information in the internet is just a few taps away on the touchscreen or keypad.

As you know, unnumbered population of eBooks are now downloadable and searchable via different websites and online merchandise. E-News and eMagazines were invented and redesigned to suit our mobile phone lifestyle, to make it more readable and up-to-date.

And who else doesn’t know Twitter and Facebook? The online portals that keep you updated from all types of there is — news, quotes, jokes, links, events and more — and trends what people are talking about. By all these and your smartphone, you will never be outdated.

3. Brings out the Paparazzi in you.

From VGA quality, smartphone camera turns out to become as high quality as  DSLR cameras, thus, people become addicted capturing moments wherever they go. Some applications, such as Instagram and Camera360, provide filters and quality themes to make every picture more captivating and enhanced.

4. No to dull moments.

Ever experienced stuck in a traffic and you don’t have anything to do but to stare at the people beside you? Or is therea case when you’re in a room simply staring at the ceiling?

Mobile phones are now capable of doing most of the things you want to do –play MMO or HD games, watch movies, sing along with random people, and simply search prayers in the internet. Not unless you’re driving, you may just simply turn-on the speaker mode and listen to your favorites tunes or ebook.

5. Keeps you prepared

Even before, cellphones were made, if not to rescue us, just remind us few things. Technology of the smartphones of todays have been specialized with added features to make it more fit to your lifestyle.

See that handy notepad app? Bring it in a office meeting or use it take note of something that pops up in your mind. You save paper wherever you go.

Unexpected events that need a footage? Use your phone as camcorder.

And, blinded by the darkness? You can even use your smartphone as torch.

For me, a Dictionary app is always ready, especially when I encounter familiar words or translation.

6. Storage

From diskette, we’re already at the age of flash drives, external hard disks and cloud storage . People I know always have those in-hand or online to store their files like pictures, movies and etc.

Smartphones are also a good storage device for such things that are worth-keeping. Some have internal memories that can store up to 64GB and are expandable using memory card. Plus smartphones are connectable via USB chord, bluetooth and wi-fi direct.

Also some cloud storage apps are already connectable. Personally, I trust “Dropbox”  with this.


How about you guys? How does smartphones change your life? Let me know.



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