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A smarphone with 41MP camera?

Some smartphone fans choose the best quality of camera as their primary criteria on choosing the best phone for them. For me, it’s also important because I love taking “Selfie” photos and picture of views outside our condo and, of course, when I’m having a trip. I don’t want to settle for low pixel camera because they are kind of unreliable especially when it’s dark or I’m in a moving vehicle.


Before, it was okay to have VGA  — it’s actually because you would just capture and not share it because phones don’t have Instagram during those times. Then 2MP to 13MP came in, making every caption clearer and more high definition. But with Nokia Lumia 1020, 13MP isn’t the ceiling we need to be settled.  Indeed, it is the best camera phone you can find in the market these days.

But what will you do with this high pixel camera?

One of the advantages of having 41MP is that you can already desire to zoom the farthest objects a Samsung Galaxy S4 could not reach. You will be able to enjoy high resolution and high sensitivity features and color balance for exposure in photos that you would take. Thus, it enables you to capture the tiniest pores and blemishes of your skin-conscious friends without having pixilated issues.

On the other hand, if you’re already having troubles on storing large file size of pictures from 13MP, well, you should expect more here. Having a good cloud storage app or high memory SD’s with Nokia Lumia 1020 is recommended to store all the captured moments. You might also have uploading issues with Instagram and Facebook, and ended up resizing the photos for you to post them online.

Obviously, 41MP camera is exaggerated compare to what DSLR cameras could offer. Perhaps, Nokia shouldn’t try making overrated difference.