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Guess who’s selling mobile phones?

Disposable phones (or I call it generic phones) are still very useful for Filipinos, especially to those who just want something for texting and calling.

I’m still a fan of it. In fact, I’m using a dual-sim phone from Samsung. Long battery life for non-stop texting and quality calls are the simple reason why I chose to have one. It’s very reliable especially when my smartphone died on me.

Many local brands have appeared in the Philippines that sell quality yet affordable generic phones. There’s MyPhone, Torque and Cherry Mobile, and recently the famous general merchandise, CDR King, has also started selling mobile phone and tablets. But what I didn’t expect is…


(Yeah! One of the popular direct-selling clothing lines in the Philippines.)


These are actually generic phones with camera, available at affordable prices when you buy Php1,000.00 worth of Natasha products.

  • NT1 (Black) & NT2 (Green)20130824_204133

These phones have the same features; they were just branded based on their colours. They have FM/MP3/MP4 player, mobile TV, VGA camera and memory that’s expandable to 8GB.

Price: Php1,100 (reg: Php1,660)

  • NC1 (Black) & NC2 (Fuchsia)


They have FM/MP3/MP4 player, VGA camera and memory that’s expandable to 8GB.

Price: Php790 (reg: Php1,180)

I found these in their August 2013 brochure.




Samsung Galaxy S4 – Active & Zoom

I thought Samsung Galaxy S4 was the only latest brand in the family of Samsung Galaxy, until I saw two more releases – The Active and Zoom — which will join the S4 in PH. Many got curious about the differences of the specs and looks of these varieties from the original Galaxy S4; so let’s find out what entails with Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and Zoom, and know their advantages and disadvantages.


Obviously, you’d notice the designs are quite far from what we usually see from the Samsung Galaxy S4. Active’s option & back capacitive touch were replaced by buttons and placed in both sides of the home key button . The very fine spaces of the volume rocker/power button from the casing shows that it can’t be penetrated by dust or water. There are some videos on Youtube that show the vulnerability of the device when dropped on water. Although it’s slightly thicker, wider and taller, it’s designed to endure more nature’s hazards to lessen your worries when you go outside for camping, hiking, kayaking or any other hobbies that include dust, mud and water. Its specification quite changed as well. It has 5-inch full HD 1080p display in an LCD panel, and not super AMOLED, so expect a little narrow in some views and washed out colors when showering under direct sunlight though it seems bright indoors. Similar to its predecesor, Samsung Galaxy S3, back-facing camera has 8mp but with slightly higher front-facing camera of 2mp. Active still lives with Quadcore processor and LTE signal, plus the same features like the air gesture, dual-camera shot and many others are still in the box. (Click here for the complete specs)


On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, for me, has a beautiful back camera which made it look more like a digital camera and more buffed. The down part of this unit is that some of its specs has downgraded, for example, it only has 4.5-inch full HD display and chipset of Dual-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A9. More than that, it’s bulking for some people, especially those people who love putting their mobile phones in their pockets and likes putting back protection or fashionable cases. Moving forward to the bright side, it has super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and it’s protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. But the highlight of this device, and the reason why it’s called zoom, is the 16mp back-camera, the BSI CMOS Sensor with 10X optical zoom and its Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) — perfect for instagraming and mobilephone photography. (Click here for the complete specs)