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On my way to getting a New Smartphone

Like other people, if I found the phone of my dreams I never stop checking the official site, different carriers’ sites, youtube for reviews, and to see the dogfight and 30-day challenge of the device. I see to it that I knew everything about my dream smartphone before it land falls onto my hands, because I want to maximize all features to my daily activities like gaming, writing, reading, taking selfies, browsing, watching movies and listening to FM and MP3’s. Never I had a phone which made me look like dumb not knowing what’s stored in the box.

Running in my head are 4 phones: iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  Leading: Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

I don’t know why I considered iPhone 5S on my list, perhaps the gold color captured my eyes that are attracted to sophistication plus it’s running the latest iOS7, which, they say, never far from the Android interface. If you’re also a fan of “Forensic Science”, it’s a good catch because it has finger print recognition feature. It’s expected to be out in the Philippine Market on December. While Samsung Galaxy Mega is very huge — enough for my gigantic hands, though — with the screen size of 6.3 inches, it’s very useful for my four-eyed face. Yeah, I love big screen nowadays. It’s empowered to capture LTE signal, Dual-core and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S4 has been lingering in my thoughts due to it’s awesome speed, features and light-weight design. The only thing that place it in my second choice is that it looks very similar to my current smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. But its air gesture, dual camera functionality and other “life companion” features, that make it simpler than the Galaxy note 3, make it a better choice. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, takes the tech-nerd-sh*t out me because of its newly added stylus features and enhanced capacity (See features here) plus it’s running Android 4.3. While other gadgets have already been released in the Philippine market, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to arrive in stores on September 25th, so I still have few days to mourn for my savings before it goes bye-bye.

I don’t like to consider iPhone 5c since I’ve already had an encounter with Iphone 5. Aside from the new featured colors and the cheaper material that it’s made of, everything is just the same — don’t get fooled.  HTC One? Well, it was a great phone as well, however, its features are quite mediocre for me compare to the smartphones in my list.

But even though Samsung Galaxy Note 3 got the weight among all my choices, my mind might still change and switch to what I think is the best.

What about you? What smartphone you’re eyeing these days?



The Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

After months of relying on the leaked images, reviews and rumors in the internet, Samsung has finally revealed the latest in the Galaxy Note family, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Some rumors were proven wrong, and most of them go beyond the real specs of this much awaiting gadget. But what entails with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Well, it actually comes with full HD Super AMOLED 5.7-inch display with 1920×1080 resolution (that’s 397 pixels per inch), which is not that far from the Galaxy Note 2 with 5.5-inch display. It runs on a 2.3GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 Processor and a RAM that jumped to 3GB (from the traditional 2GB of its predecessor), and Android Jellybean 4.3. Back-camera flashes with 13MP which is capable of 4k video capture and 1.9MP front-facing camera. The device has internal storage of 32/64 GB and it’s expandable using microSD card. And, the battery, it compliments the size of the display with the size of 3200mAH.

Meanwhile, the design isn’t similar to the Galaxy Note 2 since the edges of the Galaxy Note 3 are quite sharper. And instead of plastic casing that gets negative comments from the critics, they used leather finish for the backing. So definitely it won’t be mistaken as Galaxy Note 2, unlike the previous review with Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. Design-wise, Galaxy Note 3 so far gets my eye sparkling — I want to pre-order now!

The highlight of the Galaxy Note family is, of course, the S-pen. Galaxy Note 3’s S-pen gets cool features for superior experience that it brand itself “more than just a pen”. It enables you to enjoy the upgraded functionality by simply hovering or doing air gestures on your device. Firstly, once you hover your S-pen on your device, a dot will appear. In the Galaxy Note series, when you push the dot, it will show you the Air Command that allows you to choose an action from something that you have written (calling a phone number, add contact, or sending a message). Secondly, transferring something to your Scrapbook app is only as easy as encircle the items you want using your S-pen. This Air Command is very usefully for most fan. And thirdly, drawing a box on your screen will pull up a list of useful application that you can use. This is perfect for multitasking to show notes or images that you can refer to while working on other task on your device. Remember, the application you chose will be shown as big as the box you’ve drawn on the screen.

For me, this is a big “Yes” for must haves; however, price is still TBA here in the Philippines. No matter how much this phablet will be though, it’s worth it to have this device.

To see the video of this device… Click Click Click