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Flexi phones: Would you like them?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was the most amazing phone I’ve ever seen so far in my entire life, but to tell you honestly, I was pretty much disappointed because it’s not the flexible phone I was expecting. But rumours came out and said that leading smartphone companies are going to launch something closer to my expectation. Thus, they invented the Flexible smartphones.

Samsung has created Samsung Galaxy Round. Here’s some of the things it does…

On the other hand, LG is joining the future trend, since it has invented the LG G-Flex, and I was amazed. I actually fell in love to its Wolverine (X-men) characteristics. Check it out:

Between the two, I would choose the one with Wolverine effect, the LG G-flex, unless if Samsung has a new feature to release. But all in all, both are perfect, especially for the people who always put their mobile phones or bags where it could damage. These smartphones are sure win.

Hope to see more of this in the coming years.




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