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How’s your Smartphone Battery?

Smartphone users are all dealing with the same problem everyday: Battery life. Sometimes, I always wish there were AC outlets or usb ports everywhere so I can charge my phone right away, when I need it.

I experience this everyday of my life, even when I sleep. I never turn-off my 3G since I have always to be online for my job and whenever I’m downloading. I sometimes sleep with 90% of battery and wake up with 30% — and sometimes, even lower than that, otherwise it’s dead. I needed to recharge my phone as I take a bath going before I go to the office or somewhere else.

Because of that experience I thought of collecting the best tips I found in the world wide web on how to get your battery always “on”, which is I’m trying to implement now in my daily activities with my phone. Fortunately, there are plenty of them, so let’s start with…

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#1 Grab a power bank.

I have one for my Samsung Galaxy S3. But it’s not the usual type of battery bank that looks like a bar of Sneakers. The one I have looks like a protector/cover/case, and all I need is have my phone wear it and turn it on. It has 2200mAh life, so it gives my Galaxy S3 another 60% of life if 3G is on or 75-80~% if 3G is off.

I saw some cover-type power bank with 4400mAh and higher, enough to make your battery full twice. Bar type power bank has as much as or more than 10,000mAh. For sure your phone will be burping with power with this accessory.

#2 Recharge while on Airplane mode.

Turn off any radio frequency of your phone — Wi-fi, 3G and phone signal — if you have nothing important to do. Charging while on Airplane mode could boost up the charging ability of your phone by 50% faster; so in no time you are up again. Charging while on airplane mode will also keep your phone from overheating.

#3 Next time, follow the 40-80 rule.

Charge your phone before it gets lower than 40% and unplug it before it reaches higher than 80%. This would make your phone battery live longer. Most of the tests say that this pattern could make your phone live longer since 40-80% battery life is the time when your phone runs with less effort and tends not to heat up. Heat is one of the mortal enemies of your batteries, especially the Li-ion ones. Therefore, the more it is less exposed to heat, the more it lives longer.

#4 Remove it from the heat.

Don’t expose your mobile phones on direct sunlight or anything with heat — stove, iron, refridge, etc. In connection with number 3, Li-ion batteries die faster if it’s exposed to heat so better keep it away to make it last longer. Keep your phone in a cooler place while charging as well.

#5 Knock down too much brightness.

Check your battery usage. I bet you’ll always see your screen either on top or second on the list of the culprit that cause your battery to drain faster. It’s because among any other phone functionality or features, your screen eats the battery power like a hungry piranha. So lower down the brightness and it will save you more battery life than usual. Otherwise, let “auto” do the job to adjust the brightness for you — he knows better how much light you need.

#6 Get rid of the auto-update.

Check for email on your own and get your apps updated manually. It helps a lot. Update it only when you’re free to empty your battery every now and then.

#7 Empty to Full charge schedule.

In light with number 3, it’s actually not a requirement to make your full or empty. Just schedule at least ones a month to drain your battery and charge it without turning it on until it gets full. Make it a monthly maintenance habit.

#8 Use wi-fi.

If you can’t really live without the internet make use of the Free hotspots. Connecting with Wi-Fi makes your phone relax from working on its ownl; therefore, it uses less power to connect.

#9 See the “Task Manager”

Your battery might be draining because of the applications that are running and you are unaware of. Make it a habit to clear the memory of your phone by ending all tasks in the task manager.




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  1. My Smartphone Note battery did not last long but I realize it was probably not great at the start…I bought one for 7$ at Amazon and it is just fine.

    22/02/2015 at 4:48 PM

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