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It’s 2014 and We’re Up!

There were lots of challenges in 2013 that hindered me to blog and be active on most of my social networking accounts. I know many factors, like personal, financial and family issues, should not excuse me from writing and doing what I love, but it simply happened.

Despite of the challenges I’ve encountered last year, 2013 still ended up very graciously and efficiently. That was the year I survived in my career, I managed to live alone, I’ve moved on from relationship heartaches, I started to shape up my body, I’ve finally got other dream smartphone unexpectedly — which adds the reason I should be blogging now. I also found myself ENJOYING my SINGLE LIFE without putting too much blame to anyone else. I’m not ready to enter a new relationship yet, but I won’t be closing my doors. I just want to enjoy and do the things I really missed.

By the way, going back to the smartphone, I’ve finally got my much awaiting Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It was an advance Christmas present by a very close friend, and I could not deny that I’m enjoying it from the day I’ve got it. To tell you what, I was wishing for it, but I wasn’t really expecting. Because of that, I have managed to personally browse most of its cool features, aside from viewing tons of reviews on Youtube. Moreover, it tweaks my time and I was able to go back to drawing — thanks to its improved S-pen (stylus). I will provide you with more details about my experience with the Galaxy Note 3 after this blog.

To set your expectations, I’ll be putting all my not-so artistic works here, just so you know that I can also draw. Of course, I will be using my Galaxy Note 3 as well.

So there you go. I hope we all get a happy and productive 2014. I wish you all the luck and God Bless.



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