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70% Back — Where Have I Been?

As you’ve noticed, I’ve been gone in my own personally space here in the world wide web for many months. My wordpress has sending me anniversary notification but it saddened me because I wasn’t able to fulfill my duties as self-proclaimed blogger.

During the time I was gone, I focused on finding myself after the great break-up. My ex was never in good terms, until I finally forgive him, forgive myself and forgive the people involved in our great divide. It didn’t mean we were back as boyfriends, we came to the point where we became friends and somehow trying to see each other and trying not to feel the hurt anymore. We’ve decided that we’re better off friends. I’ve been vocal about this because from the first place he was here in this blog. He became most of the time my inspiration in writing stuff here, and that’s why I was also gone writing because blogging reminded me of him always — and I was trying to escape from my past that time because it hurt every time — but I’m definitely okay now.

When I was gone, I got involved in an advocacy on spreading awareness concerning HIV/AIDS and self-worth. In this volunteerism, I engaged myself in activities such as counseling the people who are getting tested — yeah, I’ve undergone training to do it — and events organization (wherein I conquered my fear on dealing with people) and educating youth in different colleges and universities.

Actually, it wasn’t easy to be involved in an organization like this because it really takes my free and idle times. But to be honest I’ve never experienced to become as productive as what I am right now. I feel like my time is being spent well during these period. That’s why I had to set aside blogging just to find what I really want to happen in the next phase of my life and now with this new duty.

Another thing, my gaming hobby is not obsolete yet. I’m still having fun playing games on my phone. Later on I’ll go back to Granado Espada once I’ve got the laptop I’m looking for. I will try to squeeze it my schedule and let’s see what I can do.

Anyways, see you on my next post.