Lyrics and Poetry


Broken mirror

I thought I miss you sometimes;
But I was wrong, really wrong.
Those were just memories I want to erase; if only I can.

I thought I’m weak without you;
But I was just hungry, for anything.
I can be great and stronger without you near me.

So it’s true,
Trust is like a mirror
You can fix it when it’s broken
But you will still see the crack in-between shards.
Trust is like a mirror,
Only when you see yourself whole
But if you’re broken, can we fix you?
I guess the answer is open and clear as “no”.

They always say that love is the strongest.
But a wrong decision could be one bit closer.
But then, I convinced myself: “Never, anymore!”

Trust can be renewed
But no one knows how.
It seems that we’re trapped in this mirror philosophy.

Maybe just say good bye.
That’s the only I can think of.
We grow, we learn but can never redo ourselves…just like a mirror.


By: Yours Truly


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