Lyrics and Poetry

Blue Eyes


I wrote this a couple of years ago. I guess it’s worth sharing.

Title: Blue Eyes
By: Francis Moje

Your Blue eyes
Don’t tell your lies.
Those Blue eyes
Blend to the color of your world.

Your blue eyes
Make my knees so weak.
Just a stare into your eyes would
Tells the world that I like you so much.

Maybe not today.
I hope I will see you again
Wearing faded shirt and jeans,
With your favorite pairs of shades.

Oh, your blue eyes
Inspire too much.
I wanna take my feet back on the ground
But your blue eyes tell me where the sky is.

Some blue eyes
are never the same as yours.
It couldn’t make my heart bit faster;
Those eyes just remind me of you eveyday.

Maybe not today.
I hope tomorrow I’ll see you again
Even if you break my jaw
I’ll stay astonished with your blue eyes.

Blue eyes…oh, your blue eyes.


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