Lyrics and Poetry



By: Ejomlexus

I feel so heavy, broken today.
I feel like the ocean is on top of my head.
Your call blows down my mood
Like a bridge collapsing, disconnecting my heart from you.

You’re a deadly liquid force.
You’re a syringe containing a suicide.
My knees are turning weak
Like I’m kneeling, surrendering just for you to set me free.

Disregard our broken destiny;
Pierce the sword in my heart of stone.
I feel numb just recently.
I wanna melt with the cannon ball in thousand degrees.

I choke with the views outside.
Happy people don’t have strings with them.
But me, I’m always with you
Even though you’re far away beyond those bricks.

I pull my feet a meter away
But my ankles are bleeding each try.
But when I look at my blood,
I’m glad ‘cuz they are free from my body now

We’re already through
Set me free from this chain made of you.
Chained, chained, chained
I am to you.


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