Lyrics and Poetry

My Valentine… (talking to myself)

Long Title: My Valentine… (talking to myself) — a very short story of someone feeling something strange the night before Valentine’s day.

By Yours Truly

Love is an emotion, they say.
Love is a condition for some.
Love is god & God is love for many.

What is love, though?

What is love when if the heart is broken?

It might be easy to answer, but it’s hard to explain why.

It could be hard to answer as well. But who knows…

…the answer might be that someone sitting right beside you.

Hmmmm… (*thinks*)

If he’s the answer, why then couldn’t define love yet?

Should I enumerate: (Grabs a pen and paper…types it in my laptop)

Butterfly in my stomach. Check.
I can relate to love songs. Check.
I feel comfortable with him.  Check.
I miss him after some few seconds we separate ways. Check.
I hate it when he don’t text one of these: good morning, good night, and how are you? Check.
Well, I stay awake late because of him. Check.

Can these be a good definition of love?

There could be ways, I guess, to finally tell that I’m in love. And perhaps, he could be my valentines if I tell him what I feel.

It’s so perplexing. Sometimes, I don’t know what I’m writing. I’m starting to run out of notebook pages and my drafts are filling up because I have lots of feelings I want to express in all different ways.

Can you be My Valentine? My Love? OR, maybe not?

Gosh! This one is getting longer and longer.

*phone beeps*

Oh My God! It’s you. Why the hell you’re messaging me in the middle of the night?

*pause writing* *Grabs phone* But wait, should I say good night or I will just seen-zone you for a while?

*Types Good Night!… and :-* and sent*

Oh My Gosh! What did I just do?

*Sees Replying… and beep*

OH MY! He wants to see me tomorrow. Is this it? Is this really it?

Oh my! (Yes, I keep on saying OH MY!) I’m convincing myself now with sighs and relaxation. I guess I should sleep.

*drops pen* *turns off laptop*

I guess I will have My Valentine tomorrow.


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