Lyrics and Poetry



Title: Monday
By: Francis Moje

If I were to create an enemy,
I’d name it ‘Monday’;
So everyone would not need an explanation
Why I terribly hate it.

If I were rename Monday,
I’d name it after me;
So I’d accept because it’s me
And would do the same.

If I were Monday,
I’d choose to be the lightest day;
So everybody would choose me
Among all the days of the week.

If Monday is my neighbor,
I’d give it pies and treats;
So it wouldn’t get bitter and noisy.
Instead, they’d stay quiet and peace.

If Monday was forever,
I’d choose to be with my love;
So I could spend the rest of the day
Without wishing it would end.

If Monday would becoming weekend,
I’d be very, very rich, I guess.
I’d choose to work hard on weekdays
Rather than anticipate what I hate.


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