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Dream: Ash Fall (Part 01 of 02)

Ash Fall
It was in the middle of the night when my Dad woke me up. He told me that we needed to evacuate immediately because there was a national emergency. He didn’t mention what kind of national emergency or where he got the info but he looked serious, so I got up quickly from bed and my father left the room.

When I got in to my senses, I noticed that there were some changes happened in my room, I felt like I was in a different house; but I didn’t mind that and just quickly headed to my wooden closet and packed every clothes I could get inside my back pack.

“Is everybody ready?” I shouted after finishing the packing.

“Why are you shouting? We’re going to pick up your brothers at ***** they are already waiting.” my Dad replied, hushing me to take my voice low. The place wasn’t clear to me. My Dad just mentioned it as if he just opened his mouth or there were some sort of bleep like a censorship in the movie. But I noded like I know where it was. He handed over my car keys (I have a car?).

I went downstairs and saw my Mom standing right beside the unfamiliar glass kitchen table with all her stuff prepared. “Are you ready, Ma?”

“Yes.”, she replied as she handed me a glass of warm water that she usually does every time I wake up. I starred at her eyes and saw that she was worried and still sleepy, but she guaranteed me with a worry-free smile on her face to tell me there’s nothing wrong. She grabbed all her stuff and went to the garage. I noticed that only me and my parents were in the house. I finally got the exact figure who my Dad was referring to earlier when he said “brothers”.
But what the hell is wrong?


I drove the car swiftly heading to *****, wanting and excited to see my siblings. The roads were quiet and we could barely see people. The only thing I could hear was the blinking noise of the street lights and singing crickets.

I didn’t have anything in mind that time. I just assumed that the rest of the population were all sleeping since it was midnight by the time we took the drive.

My Dad and Mom was not talking at all at the back seat. I checked them every now and then through the back mirror and they were just holding each other’s hands; my Mom was just leaning on my Dad’s shoulder, trying to get some sleep; while Dad was curiously looking at the sky from the window as if he was looking for something between the naked stars.

“Pa, you want cigars? You kept some here in the compartment. I can open the windows for you.” I said.

“No, I’m okay.” his monotone voice answered. “Let’s just hurry up. We have no more time.”

No more time? What does he mean by that?

My mind mind was perplexed right then. I couldn’t figure it out what was going on. There was an emergency; now, we’re running out of time. I was thinking if they had something that they weren’t telling me. I just wished that I was prepared to hear it soon.

I checked the digital clock in the dashboard and it was already 4:00 AM. I didn’t know I was driving that long already. In a not so far view, I finally saw the gasoline station. We were at the *****. I stepped on the gas a bit more harder to get the velocity surpassed my excitement to see my siblings. And then, as we get nearer and nearer, I saw 3 people standing there.
At the back of my head in that dream I remember that my sibs, went out for a vacation. It wasn’t their schedule to come back, but since there was an “emergency” I needed to fetch them with my parents, whom I could guess were really worried.
My parents smiled at sibling and they gave each other a warm hug.
“What’s going on, Ma?”
“We don’t know!” Dad replied to me, with his eyes fixed on the floor.
“But why can’t we just go back to our house and stay safe there!?” I tried to point out my questions with my voice as low as whisper.
“Look around you!”
Then, I saw a large volume of cars in along ***** but they were all dead. No people inside the cars. I was surprised because there was nothing there when I was driving. My heart beat so fast, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I just asked everyone to fit in the truck. So we can drive fast.
9:00 AM in my digital clock, 5 hours had passed, I was driving straight along a main road. The stirring wheel was stiff, but I didn’t mind because the road was straight.
“I fell asleep. I’m fully awake now, though. I can drive!” my brother volunteered. But neither I replied or gave him a smile. I just continued driving. “Kuya, don’t worry about these things! It should really happen?”
What? What it SHOULD-really-HAPPEN?
To be continued… (CLICK HERE TO GO TO PART 02)

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