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Interlude: Going Back to What I Love


During my recent reminiscing — or let’s say a contemplation or realization session all by myself– moment in my bed, I realized that I have lost so much things and opportunities in my life that I should have been doing in the past few years before I reach this certain level of my age. Maybe if I have been doing these certain things I like, I perhaps master those fields already and i

One of those skills I’d like to highlight is none other than swimming.

I love water a lot. I enjoy being at the beach, to feel its waves and other health benefit it gives me, and I thought of it every time people mention about going out of town. I also enjoy lap training in swimming pools. But that skill didn’t work out that well, because I didn’t practice regularly. I felt it like it’s my dying skill.

To give solution to that and to revive my frustrated Olympic swimming skills, I just came back from my so called “training”.

During the training, I could literally feel the horse beneath the shortness of my breath, the lack of movement control in the water and my speed has gone bye-bye. The thing remained in me is my gift for backstroke — I still does it good. To be honest, I think I’m one of those who needs a trainer to know the basics again.

I don’t easily give up, though. I just feel the need to get things back again, just to make sure that I won’t get rotten and I won’t go home defeated in the upcoming company sportsfest.

So if you are reading this and you’re still doing something you love, I’ve got a great tip: “DO NOT STOP!” But if you must do, do all things you can to start it all over again. Never remove it from the corners of your neck.


See yah! Happy Summer, Philippines!


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