Lyrics and Poetry


Title: Distract
By: Francis Moje

I’ve got a teary eye when I think of you.
I thought I was happy, but all of the time I was feeling blue.
All these time I knew it’s gonna happen.
When things started to go strong, I knew you were leavin’.

I wanna distract myself from thinking of you.
It’s hard to convince that all my dreams are through.
But when you’re coming back, my smile is going up to the moon.
But when you leave again, sea level starts to drown me dead.

Now, it’s hard to wake up when all I dream is you
It’s hard to breathe when you’re the fire and smoke around me.
I don’t want to move, when you’re embracing me.
I wanna paint a picture of you and post it in my memory.

I wanna distract myself from loving you.
It’s been a while since you pierced me, hanging.
But when you call, my heart rings — I don’t wanna drop the call.
But when you say good bye, I wanna cry….


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