Lyrics and Poetry

My Road

My Road

Title: My Road
By: Francis Moje

It’s a tough lane where I’m going through.
The street is crowded with fires and thorns,
Spiked icicles and a lot of people.
I can’t remember who brought me here.
It seems I need a space from all that’s going on.

Silver platter covers the blazing sun.
Sparkles are everywhere, blinding every eye.
I close my eyes to dodge the curse,
But it keep on injuring the rest of my body.
No cares but myself and my being of realization.

I turn on the music but it hurts my ears.
It doesn’t have lyrics and the melody is not complete.
I throw myself to the paper
And started writing whatever I can.
But it all went wrong because the ink is running empty.

The chills are behind like a weight.
It is heavy and dragging my feet to no where.
The only way to take the gravity away
Is to stop, mute all the noises, remember…
…Remember my childhood days, when I didn’t really care about all these.

I need to step aside from the shadow
And live as the light turns my skin dark.
The only thing that will make me this time
Is my courage to give me more value and quality time,
Not just for myself but every people who need me.

I need not to be blinded by what I fear
Because things might be stopping for their agenda.
I won’t live in their hurry.
I will take all my time to pass through this road,
And accept every challenge with a fight that’s for me.


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