Lyrics and Poetry

Gabi ng mga Tala at Tula

5th of May 2015, I was invited by a friend to join the “Gabi ng mga Tala at Tula” (Night of the Stars and Poems), an event to celebrate the Month of Filipino Literature and to acknowledge masterpieces of the chosen poets who participated in the PJB Poem Calls.


PJB Poem Calls project was to put the chosen masterpieces in the background tune (or ring back tune) of their office trunkline. The goal is to make people involve in poetry — either inspire them to write their own or at least read/listen to Filipino poems.




It was an awesome night because I was able to share one of my latest songs “Revenge”, which is not uploaded yet in this blog or any platform (but I will do it soon in Acapella version), and also I get to learn from different writing style of these amazing poets. Although I admit I messed up a little bit because of stage fright (I guess) but I won’t forget the awesomeness of this night. I got inspired more to take the free course of the “Lirahan” workshop that will happen or start this June onward.

Yeah, I feel the poetry is alive in the Philippines!


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