Lyrics and Poetry

Covered Face

Covered Face

Title: Covered Face
By: Francis Moje

Things are slow, very slow today.
The clock ticks time, but I’m not moving my leg.
I feel lazy to get off my bed,
But I’m here standing your way.

I’m still here standing ‘cuz I love you.
Even though you chose him ahead of me,
I still badly needed you
And I’m right here dying to win you.

I wish I could stop you,
From getting closer to him.
But he’s the one that makes you happy,
Who am I to fight this battle I can’t win?

I promised I won’t cry because of this,
But my tears are tired to stay.
They are dripping down and down,
Filing up and waiting to drop from my chin.

I covered my face this time,
So you won’t see my desperately surviving.
I live with covered face now or never,
‘Cuz it’s the only way to pretend to be strong.

But now that you’re around
I feel my heart is invulnerable.
I wish your presence wouldn’t make me stupid.
Well, I already am…I just don’t admit it.

To be honest, I don’t know how to get away with it.
I covered my eyes, denied that I love you,
Ignored that I was missing you.
I’m still you, you’re here with me.

My world is all about you —
Full of shades and full of shadows.
I chose it to be that way,
‘Cuz that’s my only way not to feel the pain.

But you know what?
I will still continue to dream and love you.
I will live a covered face
Just to hide this crazy and chest-squeezing pain.

I’m going to live with the wish that what they say were true,
That you and I were a perfect match,
It’s just that you and me don’t make a good choice of wine.

If the time comes that I will miss you again,
I’d look into a mirror again.
Maybe on my covered face,
I would see another glimpse of heart and soul again.


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