Lyrics and Poetry

Stolen Canvas


Title: Stolen Canvas
By: Francis Moje

I searched around me
And I found your smile.
I thought it was just my fantasy;
A mysterious dream of mine.

But you were real.
I knew it from your touch,
I knew it from the taste,
And the sweet smile of your lips.

When you came to me,
The colors were everywhere.
We struck the brush
And all things were painted.

One sunny morning, though,
No trace of your embrace.
I thought you just left
But something made it really hurt.

You were here last night
But suddenly you’re gone.
I knew there was someone
Who just took you away.

I called your phone;
He answered.
He said you were not there
But I didn’t believe him.

That sound in the background
I knew it was you.
‘Cuz I could hear you breathe…
I could hear your breathing

It was the music to my ear,
But he was denying it to me.
He took you away
Leaving nothing for me.

It was a sudden death to my heart
Now that the daylight set us apart.
You’re with him now
And I’m alone in the dawn.

The painting of us
Turns to black and white,
And thus he came
He put a line between us.

I called this love
A miserable one,
A forbidden one,
A Stolen Canvas.


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