Lyrics and Poetry

“I”: A Tale of Depression

I know I can,
But sometimes it gets in my head:
I wanna give up.

I wanna get that knife,
Struck it in my throat;
But I’m afraid of blood.

I wanna get that rope,
Hang myself somewhere;
But I’m afraid of heights.

I wanna get that poison,
Gulp the whole bottle;
But I’m not to brave to do it.

I need to hold on
To someone who can save me from
All of these mess;

Someone I can sit with
In this vast of quietness
And depression and loneliness.

But I guess I’m alone.
I will deal with everything myself,
Me and I.

I thought I was strong
Maybe I worried too much
That’s why until now I’m afraid.

I guess I will run away
Relax my mind and shoulders
And leave the world away.


One response

  1. I guess I’m just too optimist that I can’t relate with these lines.

    Jace |

    29/10/2015 at 6:46 AM

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