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Take off your clothes

Title: Clothes
By: Francis Moje

Come on here right beside me.
I want to be alone with you tonight.
Turn off the lights and stay.
Play the music; let’s sway.

I will do all the things we dreamed about,
Because I miss all these; I long for your embrace.
I will take all the risk for this kiss.
I need you now; please don’t away.

Your thoughts keeps lingering in my head.
I can still feel your soft skin on my skin.
Your firm lips on my lips
And your blush seen by my narrowed eyes.

Now, now that we have this chance.
Don’t let go of me, I am yours.
So please take a glass of wine
And talk all about us.

But I promised this to you right now.
No need to take off your clothes.
Just show me your smile
And let precious moments take us along.


I’m open to co-write poems and lyrics. Just shoot me a message at ejomlexu[at] or leave comment on my any poem. Have a great day!


Back to Mobile Phone Photography

I was browsing my photos on my phone’s album, and I realized that I have so many things I want to share with you. I’ve decided to create a Flickr account for this, because I’m afraid that uploading these photos here at WordPress would eat all my free spaces.

Most of these pictures were taken this January, and I took these because I’m putting quotes on it and posting it on my Instagram account (Don’t forget to follow me). You know, instead buying stock photos, why not just do it my own since I have a good camera phone to capture the moments I want.

Anyways, here they are. Just feel free to click the photos for a larger view and to know their stories via Flickr.

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4 Races


My Hair — Bleaching

Some people think of my hair as an evolving pokemon since it changes, if not most of the time, monthly — every time I go to the salon. Personally, though, I call it the evolution of my boredom + artistry.

Ejomlexus Hair

You’ve seen my hair straight, with patterns, almost shaved, in different style and color; but right now I did the thing that I haven’t tried before: bleaching.

It wasn’t my plan, really. It’s just that a friend has convinced me to do it for some reason. But I eventually liked it as it transform to my target and that is to have a Storm (X-men)-like white hair.

20130824_134523 20130916_184917 Camera 360

Bleaching was tough and maintenance is kind of expensive. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to get result per session and you need up to 4-5 sessions to get a very light result, depending on the strength of your hair.

ejomlexus bleach hair 04 Ejomlexus Hair ejomlexus bleach hair 03

When I finally couldn’t afford to whiten my hair with the use of bleach, and I also feared that I might kill my strands by over using it, I had already needed the touch of the experts from Bench Fix Salon at SM San Lazaro. (Look for Arnold Macapagal, if you want to have a style like the one below)

ejomlexus bleach hair 01ejomlexus bleach hair 02ejomlexus bleach hair tattoo 01 20131005_140243ejomlexus bleach hair tattoo 02

Few things I’ve discovered:

– Bleached or blonde hair turns green when you wet your hair in the swimming pool. It can be restored, though, by putting tomato paste all over your hair and leaving it for 30 minutes.

– Bleach or color in Filipino’s hair fades easily, so you need a shampoo that can keep the color for long.

– Wait at least 2 months before you re-color it, so it won’t damage your scalp.



Zoo inside a Mall

The last time I’ve visited a zoo with my family was I think 8 years ago. It was our family day that time, and if I have not mistaken that was also our parent’s anniversary. As I reminisce, I remember how amazed I was to see the adorable animals there, like the Elephant and the Orangutan (I forgot their names), which I’ve seen first when I was so little, back when I first visited the Manila zoo.

And right now, to tell you honestly, I’m kind of curious on how the zoo looks like today especially that the animals are like aging by now.

This came to my thought because I just fulfilled my long time plan to visit the Virtual Zoo in Tutuban Mall, Divisoria-Manila. Ryan, my best friend, and I were actually in the middle of shopping gifts for this season. We just saw people coming at the 4th floor of Tutuban Mall and we found out that the Virtual Zoon was located there.

It wasn’t spacious like what I was expecting but it was really fun to be there. Check out these pictures:

(Click pictures to see larger view, and sorry for the shaky captures from my friend. Tee hee hee!)

Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (1) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (2) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (4)

Some paintings, like the Crocodile below, are hard to find its exact angle. It takes a lot of practice shot to perfect it, but unfortunately, we were unable to do it.

Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (3)

So as this turtle. But I think this shot was better than the crocodile.

Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (5) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (6)

My favorite was this one. At first, we thought the hammer-head shark has a weird background, that’s why I just did the surfer boy pose. We lately realized that you have to tilt the camera to perfect it. (see second and third picture)

Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (9) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (7) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (8)

This one is pretty amazing too. The whale looked like it really came out of the wall.

Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (10) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (11)

Second to my favorite photos were these. The elephant photo has a floating pale. You have to position your hand to make you look like splashing water to the elephant. While the boar, it doesn’t really have rope. We just also position our hands to the painting and whoala! Same thing goes with the ‘whipping the lion’ and the horse.

Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (12) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (13) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (14) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (15) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (16) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (17)   Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (21) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (22) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (23)

The cave below was pretty amazing too, although it doesn’t really echo.

Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (20) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (19) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (18)

This one here wasn’t an animal, but I think it’s one of the partnership products of this virtual zoo.

Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (24) Ejomlexus_Virtual Zoo_Tutuban (25)

If you think, that’s all. Well, there are more to come in the virtual zoo since I’ve seen some wall with on-going paintings. We’ll try to go back there by next month and see what’s new. But if you wish to drop by here, Virtual Zoo located at the 4th floor of the Tutuban Centre Mall 2. Look for the Food Court and take the escalator to go upstairs.

See yah!


The Corner…

There’s a moment in your life
Where you just want to be in the corner.
Sometimes, you are curious about;
Sometimes, you don’t know to why.

Not all the truth are in the center.
They lay right beside the corner
Because people are meant to look for it,
People have to crave and die for it.

In the corner, there’s always a space,
Since all people want to be at the center.
Corners are sad and filled with fears,
And most of time, leads you to sophocate.

Corners are for two kinds of people:
For people who want to be alone, and
For people who want everybody’s attention.
Either of those, they make corners look bad.

Corner is where to subjects meet.
Example: two walls, two streets and two people.
It’s not a trap nor it’s the end, but
It’s gives us route or connection to something.

If you’ve been caught in the corner,
Turn around because the other side is widely open.
It tells us never surrender.
It tells us to wonder.

For me, that’s a corner.

I’m Bored…So Here’s Some of My Drawings!

Drawing was my favorite past time when the internet and computer hasn’t reached my home, that’s why I feel like I kid every time I bring back this talent to my routine.

My Grandfather is an artist, that’s why it is in our genes to draw or paint or do some lettering. I remember during Elementary and High School days, when we have art projects, we no longer asked for help from anyone. We do it all ourselves.

Anyways, I made these collections recently, and I bet you’ve seen some of these on my previous posts. But to give a full preview of my sketchpad, feel free to browse this post (and don’t forget to leave your comments).

(Click the images for larger view)

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