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The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee

Milk and Coffee Adventures

This is actually a dream come true!

Last July, I opened a new domain on wordpress to give space to my much awaiting comics, which is The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee. It’s a bunch of Filipino (Tagalog) comic strips that focuses on the friendship of the characters Milk and Coffee and friends.

The story line came out of no where, when I kept on wearing my weird shades and I started drawing my mini me. That’s explain why ‘Coffee’ had this bug-eye/heart-shaped shades. While the other characters are based on people I encounter and some friends.

The comics is in Tagalog, so sorry for the English-speaking fellas who are following me. It’s actually a risk because I don’t have an idea how it will go since I’m never familiar with the local SEO and how the new site’s Google ranking will climb up. Plus the fact that it’ll be composed of mostly images, I think it will be a great challenge for me.

But anyway, to my Filipino friends here, please support The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee. I’d appreciate it if you will follow and like our posts both on blogs and Facebook.

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Thank you so much!

This blog will never close, by the way. I have plenty of poems to share to you, so please, please stay tuned!


Gadget Loan Anyone?

I ain’t gonna offer you anything. I’ll make that clear. Hehehe!

Actually, I was searching for cool gadgets yesterday at when I found out that there are loan companies here in the Philippines that offer “no credit card” installment plan for brand new gadgets.

Yep, because before, other than paying in cash, you would really need a credit card to get the gadget you want for low monthly rate (or sometimes, no interest at all). Now, you won’t need it any more. All they require you to do is go through the same process as though you’re applying for a cash loan in banks and other loan companies, wait for the verification, and presto you have you’re gadget.

If you’re gonna ask me though, is it worth it to purchase your gadget through these companies?

Let’s find out.

Click Click Click