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Make fun of other people = BAD. Make fun of yourself = Indeed, FUN.

I did this old “Ejomlexus blogspot” reminiscing moment last night since I could not get myself a sleep for some reason. It wasn’t my intention at all to re-read my previous blog site. It’s just that I could not think of any website to open to get myself into sleep, that’s why I ended up checking my blogspot posts.

A few minutes after I opened my old blog, I found myself giggling about my crappy English and some old pictures. To give you an overview, here are the things I found. (Just a reminder, though: I won’t post the links anymore, just seach it if you can. Hehehe!)

So here we go…

These photos were taken last 2009 Christmas Party at my previous company. This was our group presentation. Mama Rea, Rachel, Toto, Ruel and I played the casts of Dreamgirls. For those curious, prepare yourself, here’s the complete video:



And this is me before the presentation. I played as “Melo” of Deathnote. I didn’t win the best contest, obviously. But we won the best group performance.

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Most Memorable Things Happened To Me This Year

Before the year ends, Kiddies, I wrote something that would remind me how colourful my 2011 is. This is in random order and I just picked up the things that I really remember. Hope you enjoy my timeline.

#1 – I met Andrei last January. I remember the way how he took my number at the office; then went through a week of courting until I immediately fell in love. I actually promised myself never to fall in love but I guess this is really meant to happen. Right now, I’m enjoying every moment with him.

#2 – This year I went radical when it comes to my haircut. I experienced wearing Mohawk hair style with some new cuts on top of my ears. Many liked it, but some people really preferred my old style. I also put a small cut on my eyebrows recently, this December.

#3 – I went to Baguio City on Valentine’s Day with the whole call centre gang of our company. It was my first time there and I really had a great time although I didn’t have enough money. I was also with Andrei that time.

#4 – Cool-off March! I really hated March because that’s when I found out that Andrei was doing something fishy, which leads my bipolar disorder and depression to extreme. I started losing weight again during this month until I found an awesome solution last June.

#5 – Once again, last March, I left my family in Tondo, and live with Andrei in Antipolo. That’s a few days before #4 happened. Hahaha! This when I got used to long travel and heavy traffic hours.

#6 – Tablet. Well, I don’t have this crazy gadget yet. I remember planning and having money to buy this but many things happened that hindered me to buy one, like tuition fees, hospitalization, school project, and the no 13th month Christmas. I just hope that 2012 is the year for me to buy this.

#7 – After my anniversary for being a supervisor, the company transferred me to the Affiliate Marketing team. I love this team, especial I went back working with Chris again. I just hate our morning shift schedule, because as you know I love working at night – less traffic, less hassle.

#8 – After a long time, I finally celebrated my birthday! It happened at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I was with Andrei, Warner and Vermisse. It was a great experience due to the fabulous fireworks display and breath-taking rides.

#9 – I became an advocate of the Reproductive Health Bill, and I went busy debating about this controversial topic on twitter. I met a lot of people here, especially during our activity at Batasang Pambansa (House of the Representatives). I hope this would pass this 2012.

#10 – Lastly, the dramatic “come back”. After several months, I finally see my whole family again. Although I’m no longer planning to go back home in Tondo, I miss the fun and the challenges inside our tiny home. It’s my first time to see them missing me after all the fact when they discovered that I’m bisexual and currently have a relationship with Andrei. This is the most memorable event for me. Haha!


My 2011 Christmas

Moving on, I really had a blast this Christmas even though my 13th month pay is still damn delayed. My family and I were okay now after they’ve discovered that I have a relationship with Andrei. In fact, after several months, I went home and Christmas became our mini family reunion. This made everyone, including my grandmother, happy after all.

Take a look at these pictures:


This is the whole gang with our wacky pictures. Haha~! I miss taking pictures with my family, and this is what I really do.

We exchange gift, of course. And thankfully, they were happy on the gifts I’ve got for them. As for me, I’ve got a new tumbler – perfect for my collection – and a couple of room decor with inspirational messages; I gave the other one to Andrei.

Many good things happened. I was a able to buy some of my new friends their gift, I had party with my fellow at i-Tech Vertical Horizon, and also I enjoyed Christmas shopping even though I had been slashing everything in my savings account.

This year’s Christmas was totally fun.

Top Women On The World Wide Web…Lolz

This month, FHM- Philippines has already announced their 100 sexiest women. I don’t know the criteria they used but it seems that some fat ladies were still able to get into the top notch even though their cellulites and fatty-bellies were flaunting in everywhere in the FHM stage.

On the other hand, Rihanna has kicked out Lady Gaga from her “Most Liked Female Artist” throne on facebook by hitting, I don’t know exactly, more than 300,000 likes apart from each other. In my opinion, perhaps the S&M made this victory for Rihanna.

Anyway, speaking of the top women, I just received a cool text message from my friend about the most popular women being searched in the world wide web (based on the results from Google). And according to my friend’s text instructions, you’ll find out the result when you search the word “top 50 most popular woman in the web” on Google search engine, and click the first result, then check who at number 7.

So, I gave it try and here’s what I found out!

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Something That Inspires Me to Become a Model

I have an idea of pursuing my dream to become a ramp model now. I got inspired again because of a fashion website I kept on looking the past few weeks.

The website is called “The Fashionisto”

As I’ve said, it’s a cool fashion website with lots of pictures of male models from different parts of the world.  You know, more like a photo album of all the male models.

I got inspired because I see male model of my size are still in in the fashion world. I thought my body type is not in the trend anymore because there are lots of bulky-muscled guy in the competition here in thePhilippines. Add to that the Brazilians who found their way here to earn money through modeling and show business.

Well, I can’t blame the endorsers and other people to choose foreign models. People would really prefer to see foreign models rather than those of their own kind in different endorsements and stuffs.

Anyways, back to the website, you may visit them at and let your eyes swell in the beautiful world of male fashion models.

Let me know too if I am really “In” into this stuff. Thanks!


Tube For Guys???

Lately, I’ve been wearing this boots. I don’t know why. I guess my current fashion taste bud likes it a lot.


Anyways, let’s forget about my boots! 😛

I was checking the site when I found this:

Well, I was shock. I have never imagined guys wearing tubes like these. It was a brilliant idea, however, I don’t know if you’ll be able to convince me to wear something like that.

Click click click!


Interlude #2: It’s You Again Plus My LSS!

I’m still writing my draft and everything for my Chiksilog Chronicles, but I stopped for a while to give way for this post.

I’ve met someone earlier, and it’s Kaye — the girl I loved and will love tomorrow!!!

And when I started talking with her, I felt like the broken heart of the past was gone. Then suddenly this song ran through my mind over and over my head until now.

OMG! I’m not sure if I’d text her or I’d still have to reminisce all the heart breaking things that we had been through. RAWR!

Now, I’m confused.

Anyways, I’ll post my Flyff post before the maintenance day. I hope you guys could wait for it.

See yah!