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Love Yourself Ü: HIV/AIDS Awareness – Cavite State University


I woke up 3am to catch the service van provided by the Cavite State University. I was really excited because I was on my way to conduct my very first formal seminar.

I’m a volunteer for Love Yourself, Inc. particularly for the Love Yourself Ü that deals with spreading information to the Youth of Universities and Colleges. I help them conduct activities like symposiums, seminars and a simple discussions about HIV/AIDS awareness and self-worth.

Today, it was kind of overwhelming because I didn’t expect that this seminar was going to be extravagant, with Entrance of colors, choir and all. Everything was organized.

My topic for this seminar started with HIV/AIDS’ basic information but then I also gave emphasis to the effects of social stigma in the country and the PLHIV (People Living with HIV). I found the importance of giving emphasis on stigma because that’s one of the problems we deal everyday when we’re talking about HIV/AIDS.

I mentioned that Social Stigma and Discrimination always go together, like partners in crime. They eat people’s good attitude toward the PLHIV, hence, PLHIV isolation to the public. The effect of social stigma evolves until it became part of the natural belief of the people, or the culture. This kind of perception is not healthy for both PLHIV and those living with normal lives because they build differences, and worst misconceptions. One of the example of this social stigma was when I remember my relatives asking me to stay away from the organization because I might get HIV. You see the judgment already between their words. It took me some time to educate my family that I’m safe with the organization, and there’s no way I could get the virus unless if I do something risky and well-exposed to the virus. Because of this scenario, I somehow concluded that Social Stigma might be the cause and effect of both fear and lack of education.

PLHIV who already accepted their status were no longer afraid of HIV and AIDS. They knew they could control it. But the balls and chain why they do not disclose the status to their love ones and or even their closest friends and the community is the stigma itself. This is the fear of judgment and isolation.

I taught the students that we have lots of options to kill the stigma in the community, but it won’t be helpful if we just know the facts and do not practice it. The key to kill social stigma and discrimination is to start the behavior change within them. This mean changing how they look at lives and people. Behavior change also means educating themselves with information that will equip them to deal with different problems. Perhaps not just HIV/AIDS but the different aspects of life that require self-empowerment.

I ended my talk with the phrase we always tell the people: “It’s not who you are, but it’s what you do that put you at risk!” The meat of this message is that you cannot judge people by their preference, status or even gender. What exposes the people to HIV is their risky behaviors that need to be changed. And the power we can give them is the information that would change their life and the way they see life.

I would like to thank everyone from the Cavite State University – Indang, Cavite for the warm welcome, awesome food and friendly faces. Thanks for entrusting us the stage and use it spread the information about HIV/AIDS.


English Writing

English is important to me. Obviously, I use it as the medium language of Ejomlexus blog. I barely post things in Filipino here because my target audiences are the ones who speak and read and understand the common English, that’s why I keep on studying the rules of writing and everything about English to make this blog easier to dig in.

One of the tools I’m using to improve my writing skills is this book I’ve got from my recent company training. It’s William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s The Elements of Style (4th edition). The book contains rich and effective English writing elements that would really enhance your writing, for example: the correct usage of apostrophe “s” and the “;” semicolon; the simplification of the sentences; the relationship of independent and dependent clauses; and many more.

The rules in the book are more understandable and more feasible to follow for those who want to start a writing habit; hence, it’s very enlightening for me. It’s a must read for bloggers, writers and students. In fact, in my job, the elements in this book are the basis of our grammar and composition quality. If you missed a rule, then you go to jail get low scores; therefore, it must be strictly followed.

I’ve already read the book twice and tried to apply elements, but I don’t why I still have the same old writing skills. Perhaps, I need more time to inculcate it in my skull and in my heart in order for me to say that I’ve improved. I’m doing my best, though.

I’m not pretty sure if this is still available in the bookstores here in the Philippines, but you can buy a soft copy of it in Amazon…or just let me know; let see if I can lend you a copy.



Every day of my life, I always find myself laughing at this freakin’ website –Damn LOL.

I don’t call it procrastination anymore because it’s already part of my daily routine to check at least 5 pages a day. In fact, I checked it more than my twitter and Facebook accounts, because it was super addicting.

I haven’t shared this to my new officemates since browsing is allowed in our office, especially during breaks. For sure, they would love and get addicted to the site.

Well, I don’t know if I mentioned this on my previous post about Damn LOL, but it’s a site where can find a compilation of funny, annoying and jaw-dropping photos. You got to see it for yourself.


Make fun of other people = BAD. Make fun of yourself = Indeed, FUN.

I did this old “Ejomlexus blogspot” reminiscing moment last night since I could not get myself a sleep for some reason. It wasn’t my intention at all to re-read my previous blog site. It’s just that I could not think of any website to open to get myself into sleep, that’s why I ended up checking my blogspot posts.

A few minutes after I opened my old blog, I found myself giggling about my crappy English and some old pictures. To give you an overview, here are the things I found. (Just a reminder, though: I won’t post the links anymore, just seach it if you can. Hehehe!)

So here we go…

These photos were taken last 2009 Christmas Party at my previous company. This was our group presentation. Mama Rea, Rachel, Toto, Ruel and I played the casts of Dreamgirls. For those curious, prepare yourself, here’s the complete video:



And this is me before the presentation. I played as “Melo” of Deathnote. I didn’t win the best contest, obviously. But we won the best group performance.

Click click click to read more…


3D Movies… And Titanic 3D trailer?

There are 2 movies I need to watch in 3D on this month: First, Marvel’s “The Avengers”. Then, the Hunger games.

And before I watch any movies, I make sure that I watch the trailer first, just to give myself an idea about what’s the movie all about and who the main casts are. Therefore, I browse youtube for such videos.

After watching the trailers, I found another fun made trailer, actually a parody, for the upcoming remake of Titanic 3D. Check it out…

Hahahaha! This was well made! I feel like going upside down while laughing. Kudos for creators!



What the…? This is what I see when I opened wordpress to read some fresh posts today.

And in a few hours from now, Facebook,  Twitter, including the Wikipedia will be censored from the eye of the public. Why is this happening? Well, blame the U.S. Congress Protect IP Act (PIPA) H.R. 3261 a.k.a. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

This will hinder most of us from reading public info that’s written in English; that includes everything in Google, Yahoo, NYTimes and videos on Youtube.

Imagine life without this? F*ck the hell! I hope the US congressman who created this bill knew what he’s trying to implement.

I’ve already signed in the online petition, helping our US protesters to stop this bill. And hopefully, all luck is with them. Because as a blogger, this is the most stupid idea I’ve encountered in my whole online life, and this should not be the way they stop online piracy.

If you want to join the petition, simply visit the following links below:

Hope we could get your support to this…





After The Hibernation

Sorry for the long hibernation! I’ve been so busy in the past few months that’s why my little space here got some dust and cobwebs. Actually, after my Splash Island getaway and Andrei’s birthday, I’ve got a chance to visit some places in Rizal province like Tanay, Taytay and Jala-jala for some business and vacation reasons. I’ve also got a chance to re-visit Enchanted Kingdom on my birthday (last Oct 30th). Thankfully, I have not encountered any stressful moments, although those trips were really tiring because of the travel hours.

On the other hand, Andrei and I are doing well. In fact, by next month we will be celebrating our anniversary, and I am really excited for that. We haven’t talked about any plans as to where are we going celebrate, perhaps we’ll discuss it after Christmas and New Year.

Meanwhile, my Galaxy Tab P1000 dream was actually an epic failed. I wasn’t able to buy it due some priorities, but I’ll have one before Christmas. I have had a change of plan though. I’m going to buy Galaxy Tab P7300 or the one they call Galaxy tab 8.9, instead of P1000. It’s much better in terms of some specs and a bit bigger than the P1000 when it comes to screen size,  although it doesn’t have a call feature. That’s why I’m really excited to buy it. I just hope that my 13th month pay is on its way.

Aside from that, Christmas is very near. Few days from now, it’s the start of the simbang gabi or nine mornings. I still don’t have the money to shop, unfortunately, but budget is all well calculated – I just need to follow it.

And finally, when it comes to my career, I’m still doing well. I’m still with the Marketing people, earning the same salary, and…I miss my Supervisor position, that’s it.

I hope to see you on my next post.