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My Top 5 Lady Gaga Hairstyles

Unfortunately, men can’t wear hair extensions nevertheless if it is a work requirement, or let’s say necessary. But Gaga, given the fact that she’s a woman, I think she’s the most authorized artist in the world to wear all kinds of wigs, extension and any kinds of hair accessories. No wonder why she’s one of the leading fashion icons in the music industry these days.

Many got inspired, of course. You know, lot’s people have now started wearing unusual hair colors and abstract hair styles. But still no one can beat Mother Monster when it comes to unique cuts and trims.

So what are the top 5 Lady Gaga hair style for me?

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Is Mother Monster A Monster? (Part 3 – Symbolism)

I got a hard time writing this kiddies. But yeah, here it goes

When I summarized everything that was written in the PDF, the third and last thing that was discussed there was the symbolism. The signs and symbols that may pertain to Lady Gaga’s affinity to the illuminati.

With regard to the illuminati stuff, I ain’t really an expert on discussing the things behind that group. But in most movie I’ve seen, the group illuminati is described more like as Satanist or atheist or the people who are against (or do not believe in) God. And as per Wikipedia, illuminati is a form of underground group in which they suspect that a prosperous country stands as its leader or head. While in other sources on the internet, they say that the symbol of the illuminati is found at the back of the one Dollar bill. It is the god-like eye on the top of the pyramid in which they are referring as the symbol of the “New World Order” blah blah blah.

So what’s the connection with Lady Gaga?

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Is Mother Monster A Monster? (Part 2 — Costumes)

I don’t know what have gotten the artists these days and they started wearing weird – and sometimes funny – costumes and fashion wear. Perhaps they would say it looks good for them because it’s FASHION, it’s ART, and it’s their SELF-EXPRESSION thingie. But whatever the reason, it’s their body and personality. We can do nothing about it if they want to be fashionable or look stupid.

Back to our monstrous topic, the PDF I mentioned on my last post also pertains to Lady Gaga’s fashion as demonic. If you’d remember, she wore lots of dresses that captured the red carpet fashion critics and enthusiast. Like, there was a time where Lady Gaga was placed inside an egg. And when she went out of the egg, you’d see her body filled with devil-like horns. There was an event where she on her “meat” get-up. And, there was this time where Lady Gaga looked like a raccoon because of her hair color.

Well, for me, it wasn’t Lady Gaga if she won’t be able to make people go “WOW” on her costumes. But the things that make her a bit weird are facial horns that make herself look like a devil. Check out her “Born This Way” looks:

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Is Mother Monster A Monster? (Part 1 — Songs)

I just received an e-mail from a reader with a PDF attachment about Lady Gaga and her so called “satanic” or “illuminati” thingies. I downloaded it and read around four times and was amazed in everything that was written on it.

For me, the PDF was full of speculation by the author, but still it was kind of a convincing article due to its connect-the-dots evidences and explanations of Lady Gaga’s mysterious activities.

I have to agree that Lady Gaga’s music has become phenomenal and has evolved into the degree where she became inexorably remarkable in the music and showbiz industry. And to be perfectly honest, I’m a fan of hers but not as totally as a super fan like those people who bring her life-size poster and faint in the middle of her concert. I’m a fan in the way that I love how she plays piano, composes her lyrics and in the way how she plays with fashion.

This article here perhaps shows some of the facts that Lady Gaga is an illuminati disciple.

(Hmmm…) Well, I’m curious about it so let’s see.

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Top Women On The World Wide Web…Lolz

This month, FHM- Philippines has already announced their 100 sexiest women. I don’t know the criteria they used but it seems that some fat ladies were still able to get into the top notch even though their cellulites and fatty-bellies were flaunting in everywhere in the FHM stage.

On the other hand, Rihanna has kicked out Lady Gaga from her “Most Liked Female Artist” throne on facebook by hitting, I don’t know exactly, more than 300,000 likes apart from each other. In my opinion, perhaps the S&M made this victory for Rihanna.

Anyway, speaking of the top women, I just received a cool text message from my friend about the most popular women being searched in the world wide web (based on the results from Google). And according to my friend’s text instructions, you’ll find out the result when you search the word “top 50 most popular woman in the web” on Google search engine, and click the first result, then check who at number 7.

So, I gave it try and here’s what I found out!

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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony’s “No Me Ames” Separation


I was reading Yahoo’s Today when I found out about this separation. Well, it gets me sad because they are both my Latino Idols, and I loved them as a couple for seven years

But I guess they have to end it that way.

Sigh… their separation reminded me of this song.

For sure, J. Lo is crying… On the Floor!


Appreciation Plus Sweet Spam!

It’s my first time to be treated like this.

I mean, I never thought that my blog will make it this far. Because the last time I launched my blog on blogspot, I never had more than 10 e-mails saying “hey! Wassup! I’ve read your blog!” But right now, I’m receiving lots of facebook messages and e-mail inquiries about different stuff.

I’m kind of flattered and amazed with all the good things you say about me, might as well the bad things…like, “F*ck you! You’re a *tooottoott* Admin!!!

Those messages only mean that you’re reading my posts.

But just to clarify once again, I ain’t connected to any of those companies you were referring to. Probably in the future, I’d consider that. But right now, nuh-uh…I’m still happy with my job.

Anyways, aside from you guys, I need to spank thank also the spammers who sent me their soul uplifting comments… Check this out.

See? Weren’t they sweet to send me something like that?

Actually, I’m planning to approve it. I’ll just erase their spam website, which contains, I guess, some sort of malicious stuff; but naahhh! I told you guys, all spam belongs to hell my trash bin. (Remember my about?)

So forgive me whoever you are, because I had to delete your comments.

On the other hand, I do apologize too if I didn’t post the question comments. I have some reason why I don’t want to do that. But I hope you get my reply to your e-mail.

See yah, Kiddies!