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Dear God…

Dear God,

Thank you for the most wonderful life you’ve given me. Thank you for my job, the food I eat, my family and friends who support me and others simple and great things that are happening to me. I thank you for the protection that you have given and for answering and giving hope to my prayers. Thank you for allowing me to write poems of different themes, for the knowledge that you’re giving me and, most especially, the talent that you lend me.

Every time I search the Internet to find inspiration about life, I see things that put pain in my heart and great conscience in my mind. I feel stressed every time I turned quiet with this things, but you’re giving me a way to vent this out by means of all things I write, that’s why I recover and go back to my normal life.

Lord, I pray for what’s going in the middle east, where people are being burnt alive, beheaded and killed in different ways. Most of these people are your people and I truly believe that you care for them. I could not write things about them because I don’t know what they feel, and I could not describe their face because I wasn’t there. But, Lord, I felt their fear and faith mixing together. Dear God, I know how it hurts you, although you’re strong. I know how these things make your knee fell to the ground, in spite that you are the greatest of all. I know, because you love them. And love always break if you see the people you love die or suffer or be at the horrible condition. Lord, hear their prayers. If all these things are destined to happen as far as the Bible is concern, let your people find you in the middle of the problem. Count their faith; not their fears. Count their worships; take note of their tears. This is not a command, O Lord. But I humbly ask your holy name of this.

For the people who are doing this, I don’t want to call them enemies. They might have purpose that we don’t understand or a demand that people misunderstood. I pray for them also that they might find satisfaction on great things about you, instead of this brutality. Remind them their loving families, so they’d stop putting blood of other people in their hands. Grant them great visions of their happy childhood, so they’d know good things that are better than crimes. Remind them of their mothers or fathers who carried them when they got sick or hurt, so they’d carry others too with care. Remind them of the first milk they drunk, so they’d remember the children they helped at some part of their lives, and never hurt children anymore. Support them with your love, so they’d know who you are to them. Fill their minds with fair judgment in that way they could spend their lives more with friends and those who love them, rather than spending life in fun with killings. Let them smell the sweet turkeys in oven, so they’d reject the smell of the burning people and never do it again. Grant them peace in their hearts and forgiveness, I pray.

For the people who you are calling your people, grant them peace in their hearts as well. We need more patience and strength and perseverance so the crave for revenge won’t eat us and love reign among us. Cure our differences so that we become one, as your body is one. Make us a good example by nurturing us with wisdom that would burst to the world and make them followers of you, not us. I pray that we surrender ourselves to you, and be focused on our faith that’d healing our mind, body and soul. Help us become you — patient, loving, just, healing, forgiving.

I prayed for those who already died. Let their soul find comfort in you. Let your promises wipe their tears as they look up from their graves, waiting for you. Let them see heaven and may you guide them there. Let their faith make them who you wanted them to be, and forget their shortcomings in Earth.

Lord, I am truly blessed with your mightiness and that you are what I called my God. Grant my prayers as you always do.

In Jesus’ Name I pray this. Amen.

– F


God Listens to Rock Music (version 2)

EjomLexus - God Listens to Rock Music

In the middle of the rough road,
I tuned into the song in the radio
I wonder I could not sing along
Perhaps it’s not an ordinary love song

I stopped, remember to say a little pray’r
But I don’t know what to say.
My mouth can’t find a way;
I only know is to sing it this way.

But does God listen to a rock song?
Heavy roar of the electric guitars,
Syncopated rhythm of the drums.
Oh Lord, do you hear ’em all?

I clear my throat, inhale the warm air;
I’m now ready to play the tape.
I close my eyes and hope nobody is watching
Here it goes, for the God of Rock above.

I felt the cool breeze of the air
Are those angels embracing my pray’r,
Or I’m just imagining the way God feels?
I wish the song praised him, that’s what it is meant.

Oh, Lord! Do you hear ’em all?
I know you’re the God of all music!
And so is this heavy metal I’m sing.
Oh, Lord! Do you hear ’em all?



Link to God Listens to Rock Music (version 1)

Picture: From my Facebook account — with my Church mates.


When I was a kid, I thought that prayers were like messages that were being collate and sent to God by messengers (or angels) every night. That’s why I made sure that every prayer I had was long; so when God listens to it I knew it would be answered all at the same time. In fact, before I pray I list the things and names of people whom I wished to include in my prayer, so I wouldn’t forget each of them.

My grandmother, a Roman Catholic, was the one who taught me how to pray.  She’s my inspiration when it comes to dedication in prayers. Just like any other old women, she does it every day and night. She has different kind of rosaries, prayer books, list of saints and a replica of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. She told me once that prayers have a big impact in our family’s financial, spiritual and physical health; and I really believe in that.

In some way, my perception has changed, of course, when I get to know God as I grew up. Right now, I look at prayers as my normal conversation with God. I do pray whenever it is possible – in jeep, FX, CR (while doing the call of nature), and even at work. This communication gives me a certain attachment to God and makes me feel like I’m guided by his grace all the time. It makes my day complete whenever I say even the shortest prayer.

Actually, there are times that I see myself as kid whenever I pray. I asked God several questions as though I don’t know the answers. Sometimes, I even pray to God just to let the rain stop because I didn’t bring an umbrella, and then all of a sudden, the rain would stop right after I say AMEN. (Cool, right?) Lately, I found out that it doesn’t have to be complicated when you try to speak to God. He doesn’t look at any weird rituals and ceremonies; instead, he looks at your heart and the intention of your prayer. In fact, I talk to God as though I’m talking to a loving best friend or a Father.

I would like to admit that whenever I pray I seriously cry like a baby who hasn’t had his milk bottle. Of course, I make sure that whenever I do that no one hears me. It’s some sort of like a special moment for me to make God feel that I’m getting, somehow, tired of what’s happening in my life. It ain’t a suicidal message to God, but I pray as though I’m raising a white flag to God saying that I need a help from him. I feel free to say to Go that “God, I have a problem!” or “I miss you so much, God”, because I know God wants to hear it from me. I’m never afraid to come in to the moment when I feel like saying “God, this situation makes feel like I want to hate you”. I knew God loves talking to me about everything. And one thing is for sure: He never gets tired of listening.

Despite of that kind of relationship, I also admit that most of the times I still forget to pray. I’ll just notice that I needed to go back on track only when something wrong is happening. It doesn’t mean, however, that God is using those instances to call me. Whenever such times come, God reminds me that he’s there to rescue; therefore, I pray.

At this age of 26, I feel the need to have an intense relationship with God. Of course, in order to start, I need to learn how to communicate with God and ask for his guidance – and that’s through prayers. It doesn’t matter about your religion – all religion I know requires their people to pray and or do rituals – or how they taught you how to communicate with God, but what matter is that you have a relationship with him.

To know more about prayers, this link might be helpful for you: Click Click Click.


Is Mother Monster A Monster? (Part 3 – Symbolism)

I got a hard time writing this kiddies. But yeah, here it goes

When I summarized everything that was written in the PDF, the third and last thing that was discussed there was the symbolism. The signs and symbols that may pertain to Lady Gaga’s affinity to the illuminati.

With regard to the illuminati stuff, I ain’t really an expert on discussing the things behind that group. But in most movie I’ve seen, the group illuminati is described more like as Satanist or atheist or the people who are against (or do not believe in) God. And as per Wikipedia, illuminati is a form of underground group in which they suspect that a prosperous country stands as its leader or head. While in other sources on the internet, they say that the symbol of the illuminati is found at the back of the one Dollar bill. It is the god-like eye on the top of the pyramid in which they are referring as the symbol of the “New World Order” blah blah blah.

So what’s the connection with Lady Gaga?

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Is Mother Monster A Monster? (Part 2 — Costumes)

I don’t know what have gotten the artists these days and they started wearing weird – and sometimes funny – costumes and fashion wear. Perhaps they would say it looks good for them because it’s FASHION, it’s ART, and it’s their SELF-EXPRESSION thingie. But whatever the reason, it’s their body and personality. We can do nothing about it if they want to be fashionable or look stupid.

Back to our monstrous topic, the PDF I mentioned on my last post also pertains to Lady Gaga’s fashion as demonic. If you’d remember, she wore lots of dresses that captured the red carpet fashion critics and enthusiast. Like, there was a time where Lady Gaga was placed inside an egg. And when she went out of the egg, you’d see her body filled with devil-like horns. There was an event where she on her “meat” get-up. And, there was this time where Lady Gaga looked like a raccoon because of her hair color.

Well, for me, it wasn’t Lady Gaga if she won’t be able to make people go “WOW” on her costumes. But the things that make her a bit weird are facial horns that make herself look like a devil. Check out her “Born This Way” looks:

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Is Mother Monster A Monster? (Part 1 — Songs)

I just received an e-mail from a reader with a PDF attachment about Lady Gaga and her so called “satanic” or “illuminati” thingies. I downloaded it and read around four times and was amazed in everything that was written on it.

For me, the PDF was full of speculation by the author, but still it was kind of a convincing article due to its connect-the-dots evidences and explanations of Lady Gaga’s mysterious activities.

I have to agree that Lady Gaga’s music has become phenomenal and has evolved into the degree where she became inexorably remarkable in the music and showbiz industry. And to be perfectly honest, I’m a fan of hers but not as totally as a super fan like those people who bring her life-size poster and faint in the middle of her concert. I’m a fan in the way that I love how she plays piano, composes her lyrics and in the way how she plays with fashion.

This article here perhaps shows some of the facts that Lady Gaga is an illuminati disciple.

(Hmmm…) Well, I’m curious about it so let’s see.

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Wherever You Will Go & Realized

Did I mention to you that I have a band?

Yeah, a church band. (You know, like Hillsong, Casting Crown, etc.) Well, we just got out from our shell and tried singing to our friend’s birthday party. Sheena and I did some solos with Josh Rumbawa as our Guitarist.

To make this post short, here goes the video… but before that, don’t laugh at me! I was really tensed on that video; you can see it from my hand movements.